Monday, June 06, 2005

Modern Pacific - Tao's (My birthday celebration)

Meina and Sorina offered me a dinner treat at Tao's to celebrate my birthday.

While taking our orders, we were chatting with the server because Meina was contemplating getting their vouchers. $225 for 10. Meaning each visit is only $22.50 nett. A saving of about $6+ for dinner. Coz dinner is around $24.80 +++. Then upon chatting, the server noticed that we patronise them quite often and offered us a VIP card!


Next time go with me got discount leh!

N since Meina brought along her digicam, she helped Sorina to take all these pics....

Our dishes arrived shortly. I only took pics of those that are different from my previous visit.

This is under salad...

Fruits cocktail. The top is crab mayo. Bottom is fruits salad of apple, mango and some other fruits dat i cannot recall.

den for soup, under Meina's recommendation, i ordered the pumpkin soup.

Its really good. Different from the one at secret recipe that dar complained of tasting like curry sauce. This one is slightly sweet and tastes a little like sweet corn soup yet the taste is not as strong. Nice.

N for the tea, this is grape mallow tea.

It is also sweet but i cant remember much of the taste

and finally for dessert, this is the Japanese red bean pudding.

I would say its really quite nice. Its special. Not too sweet. The red bean paste goes very well with the pudding.

And remember that server in the advertisement? He said he recognised me for being a regular at Tao. Truth is i've only been there once prior to his. haha... Just that, that once was a very recent visit.

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