Monday, November 05, 2018


so i told bunny last week, its been awhile since we went dating. So she said, Monday's good. And upon the sudden realisation that tomorrow is PH, today's GREAT!

Bunny and i have a group chat that consists of a list of places we want to dine at. On that note, we have a number of group chats! that is amidst those regular ones we have with different groups of friends....hahaha.. one for masseurs that i approve.. one for finances.. blah blah..

So anyway, its been a LONGGGGGG while since we added any new restaurants or checked off any places off the list! I'm glad this place is still around!

Lolla off Ann Siang Hill...

Ken joined us today as well and we're happy to have her come along.

for starters, we had an item from the specials menu - Burrata...

and boy was it amazing! the Burrata was flavourful and while it wasn't cheap, it was SO GOOD! served with figs and oh man the burrata was just well textured and tasted damn good. So good that we wanted to order a second portion!

and of course, i HAD TO order the signature sea urchin pudding! I mean, this is why we're here! 

the sea urchin pudding is amazing! i LOVE IT! its fresh and sweet sea urchin on top and the pudding below is SQUID INK!! yes, you heard right, its SQUID INK! and sorry, this one cannot resist, X2 PORTIONS! YUM YUM YUM!

flavourful chorizos...

which they all loved!

and a iberico pork that was really good as well!

avocado that was filled with some very rich cheese fillings...

ok this avocado piece, i can't decide if i like it or not. the cheese is very strong in the goat cheese kinda flavour. it didnt kill it for me but i just can't decide if i like it but i like rich.

Dessert was a very popular lemon curd donut...

i was too full to judge! But they said its damn good!

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