Thursday, December 28, 2017


There is almost no better way to get together for Christmas than to go for a nice scrumptious buffet! We were tempted to head back to Colony but decided to try out something different so we opted for Pan Pacific’s Edge. 

I arrived very early and the manager was kind enough to let me have a seat first. But the service experience after was quite a few misses. I asked for WiFi and the assistant Restaurant Manager totally didn’t even look at me or acknowledge me and replied “ hotspot, you can just connect to hotspot”

To which I asked (politely) “ oh is there a password?”

To which she continued not to look and acknowledge me and said “no password just connect”. 

Simi attitude is this?

But ok fine, maybe I’m too early and she buay song. So I decided to let it go.

We were a table of 5 and we originally had 6 seats....

What u see is just seats with my gifts for the ladies on the table. Subsequently as they arrived, there were more and more gifts on the table and we being ladies, had our bags. We suddenly realised we only had 5 chairs. One chair was taken away.

So we requested for another chair. But the server told us they have no more chairs and when we insisted we need another chair and told him we are fine with any other chair, he very buay gey gian and get to find us another chair. Super not helpful. 

After taking all the pictures, we started eating at about 6.17pm? To which one of the chef said to us “ eh eh miss, now not 6.30 yet, u cannot start until 6.30pm, they didn’t tell u meh?”

To which we had to let him know “ no I think it’s our fault, it’s ok we can start at 6.30pm”

I’m like.... this is pan pacific right? Why the service like that?? Of the 3 episodes, I think the worst is that of the assistant manager. Coz she’s a manager. What kind of service standard is that? 

The last instance is an uncle so still can pang chance.

Saving grace was we made a complaint and the Restaurant Manager called back to apologise. No recovery per se but sincere in some sense.

Service aside, I must say the spread was really good. I probably even like the spread better than Colony! Dinner is going at $88++

Includes some drinks like orange and Lychee... the lychee was nice! Add it to their iced tea and it’s almost like lychee tea!

The salmon was very nicely done...

There were sections of local delights, Indian, Japanese (sashimi), Seafood and western, to name a few. Very international kinda spread...

The chili crab was really good!

Overall I quite liked the spread but the service really threw us off. 

They did try to do some form of recovery by giving us better  attention subsequently.

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