Friday, November 18, 2016

Australia Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Australia dairy company is MUST visit for every HK visit!

In fact, we came over yesterday only to find it closed, we were really disappointed! So to you guys who are intending to head down, please note that they are closed every Thursday!


We went for their set A breakfast which came with macaroni with ham, toast with egg (must order their scrambled) and a drink!


While I thought their macaroni is so so, bunny really liked it.

The toast however was incredible! Spread with butter, it tasted amazing! The scrambled eggs were out of this world! I have said this before, I say it again. It's just scrambled eggs, how is it so amazing?!!!!



Their tea was awesome too!


And of course, their smooth steamed milk!


Can't stop thinking about it! We overheard the conversation between the two ladies who were sharing our table, one lady said to the other " next time I come Hong Kong, I must find a hotel near Australian Dairy because I want to have breakfast here everyday! " hahahaa


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