Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday Inn Park View

Sherlyn's wedding!

the hot and cold platter...

consist of suckling pig, roast chicken, prawn salad, shark's fin omelette and sushi roll. Generally they tasted alright except that i found the items like the roast chicken and suckling pig a little cold.

shark's fin soup with crabmeat and conpoy

the sharks fin was pretty good... a good portion of sharks fin.

crispy pi pa duck

was not bad... skin was crispy... but not wow-ing.

braised sliced abalone and mushroom with chinese spinach

this was quite good especially the mushrooms and spinach. the mushrooms were big and juicy... the spinach was quite tasty.

steamed 'soon hock' in superior soya sauce...

i love soon hock! and it was generally quite fresh. i like it!

stir-fried fresh scallops with asparagus in x.o sauce

fresh scallops... the asparagus was nice too.

drunken live prawns with chinese wine and herbs...

pretty fresh prawns...

braised ee-fu noodles with crabmeat, golden mushroom and chives...

found it a little too bland and was too full to eat much.

and finally, what most of us were waiting in anticipation of, sweetened yam paste with ginko nuts and pumpkin...

it was not sweet enough in my view and didnt find it very good.

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