Monday, April 07, 2008

Whitley Prawn Mee

lunch with carol and she brought me to this Whitley Prawn Mee along... boat quay area. Can't even remember the road name but apparently its quite popular and quite packed around lunch....

very expensive prawn mee... cost me $8.. although it comes with pork rib and liver....

i still think its very expensive.. i think this is the most expensive prawn mee i've ever had!

having said that, despite complaining dat its expensive, i didn't say its not nice. also, its probably expensive in my view because i dun eat alot of prawn mee and usually if i do, my parents are the ones paying so i'm still living in the mindset dat hay mee is only $2 - $3 a bowl. haha

taste wise the soup was quite tasty. the liver was nicely done. the pork ribs are quite meatless.. the prawn was fairly medium to big sized. in comparison i seem to find that prawn mee from sims drive better.

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