Thursday, December 17, 2009

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JOS said...

Hi Junie

I'm sorry for this, but I have a problem with my blog. My blog is actually redirected to, you know...I saw (in the blogger help group) that you had the same problem with this f**** web...
And now I see your blog is working ok.
Do you have the solution? I can't see nothing in forums...
Thanks a lot, and sorry again. blog is

Junie said...

hi there, i'm sorry but i don't have a solution. it seems to be working fine now so i didnt exactly pursue a solution. maybe you can try emailing blogger? i'll try to recall what i did, will update u if i remember. =)

Anonymous said...

Cool! u got a very long list of places u visited. hahaha!

i am still trying to build up my list. lol

Junie said...

haha.. it will definitely come with time!

bunbungirl said...

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Zad Yahya said...

The management of Fairway Club would like to thank you for featuring your dining experience at Sobasei Japanese Restaurant in your blog recently.
We would like to show our appreciation with food vouchers for you to enjoy another rounds of dining here.
Please be in touch with us, Thank you!

Junie said...

hi Zad, thank u for the nice gesture.

Si Pei said...

Exclusive preview of Singapore’s first $2 Beijing Duck Roll at Chinese Box

On behalf of Chinese Box we would like to cordially invite you as exclusive guests for a delectable food-tasting event, with compliments from the management team at the restaurant.
The highlight of the food-tasting event is to preview Singapore’s first $2 Beijing duck roll scheduled for launch on 15th June 2009, Monday, at 1pm. The dishes include

1. Chinese Box Signature Beijing Duck
2. Vietnamese Mango and Duck Roll / Soft Shell Crab and Duck Roll
3. Poet Drunken Chicken & Taro Strings
4. Stir-Fried Taiwan Pea-shoots
5. TeoChew TaiPan Superior Thick Shark's Fin Soup
6. Signature Golden Roast Duck & Teochew Five Spice Meats Roll
7. Signature Golden Tofu Bar with Sauteed Mushrooms
8. Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillets in Superior Soy Sauce
9. Garlic Steamed Fresh Scallop w/ Tofu
10. Taro Paste"Orni" w/ Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts

The event details are as below:
Date: 15th June 2009, Monday
Time: 1pm
Location: Chinese Box, 1D Cluny Road, Singapore 259600.

Apologies for leaving you a comment like this but we do not have your email address. Do check us out at Facebook Chinese Box and RSVP to us by this Friday at should you be interested. Many thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

hi Junie, nice blog!

can I have your email for further contact to put ads on your blog? Pls drop me an email if possible:

aaron said...

Hello there!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you down for a food tasting at our Japanese restaurant.

Do let me know if you're keen. You can contact me at

Hope to hear from you. (: