Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hong Kong - Si Nai

We headed to a hongkong style cafe located at upper east coast road, recommended by Sorina.

Its called Si Nai (meaning madam in cantonese).

The best part about this place is, it operates till 5 am daily!

This is the interior of the place....

and the menu....

oh.. and for guys, the 'best-er' part is, they have huge TV sets to show soccer matches!

Nice concept right?

Food wise, variety is good, taste is not bad (not heavenly fantastic la... but really not too bad .. depends on wat dish u order i guess)

These were our orders.....

Meina ordered a tomato based yuan yang rice... i ordered the curry based yuan yang rice... their yuan yang here is having pork and chicken meat. Both our rice were nice. I din finish all my rice.. reduce carbo!!

Sorina ordered a marcaroni with luncheon meat and ham... the soup tasted abit.. milky.. abit funny.

Yifan and Weipang shared a bowl of pork instant noodle... i can't help but compare it against Central's. Central's one is much much much much much nicer.

And we shared a plate of crispy combo...

Items inside includes fried chicken wings, fried wanton, potato wedges, chicken chop, pork chop. I would say its rather reasonably priced. Very sinful. lol

And the drinks they ordered....

Meina ordered some pomelo and mango thingy... which they said was quite nice but i being a non mango lover din koe how to appreciate... Yifan and Weipang had the milk tea.. which i tried abit, it was nice!! Sorina ordered some peach and lychee freeze.. i tried i found it too too sweet for my liking but Sorina liked it.

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