Sunday, July 17, 2005

Buffet - The Line (Shangri La Hotel)

Joanne wanted buffet and she suggested Shangri La.

Off we went....

My first time there... we went in without even checking the price. She was simply just in a spending mood.

I saw something that just made me very happy!

In case u're wondering what this is, this is a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Are u just as excited as me?? haha.. its not coz im some chocolate lover or something... i duno why either but i was just simply fascinated over this chocolate fountain. I just felt soooooo happy looking at it.

Melted chocolate would just keep flowing and patrons can dip sticks of strawberries or biscuits on it...

Food wise they really had a huge variety! Kebabs, fresh oysters, cold lobsters, bbq prawns, bbq salmon, bbq fish, bbq chicken, prawn mee, laksa, prata, muthabak, chicken rice, roasted duck, and LOTSA other dishes!

and look at the ice cream and toppings!!

This is my ice cream!

and the cakes and pastries they have.

It was a really expensive dinner. Around $80 per person. The food was overall not bad. We didn't exactly eat alot coz we actually spent most of the time talking. The buffet ended around 10.30 pm but we sat and chatted till around 11.30 pm. The restaurant was a 24 hours cafe actually.

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