Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Chophouse

After massage at 112 Katong, the chophouse seems to be the most promising place to check out within the building.

Most of the familiar food places there have actually seemed to all close down. 

For starters, we shared a burrata...

The burrata here is not as flavorful but overall it's decent. What's really nice is its basil pesto sauce! Slightly saltish, very flavorful and goes very well with the burrata.

While waiting for our mains to come, I saw many burgers being prepared....

I ordered a steak for my mains while bunny ordered a pasta.

That's when I told bunny:" hmm a lot of people order burger hor? "

Bunny replied:" are u regretting your decision now?"

and I told bunny... " no, I'm regretting yours " hahahahaha

So yeah, my steak....

Done just right! Love the sides where it's lightly salted!

I probably shouldn't have gone for the ribeye Coz there really are a few parts that were too fatty.

Bunny's carbonara...

The carbonara is a big portion to a certain extent. Found it just decent.

We also shared sides....

The truffle potato salad is interesting with a lot of onions. Not bad.

The Mac and cheese pasta is mediocre

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