Friday, April 01, 2016

Maccha House

I chanced upon their monthly promo menu for this month yesterday and was intrigued by their maccha rice! 

Had to come back to try it!

They have option of pork or salmon and I opted for the triple salmon - raw salmon, aburi salmon and the ball is probably some salmon ball but I can only taste the potato...

The rice....

The aburi salmon was not very aburi. Haha it was quite well cooked. 

The green tea rice is special. Not bad in my view! 

But it's probably something good to try once but won't crave to revisit.

We also ordered the mentaiko udon...

Ordered this Coz I miss a chilled sesame udon from the nana green tea place at 
Plaza Singapura - but sadly they discontinued it off their menu. 

So anyway, this one here is ok but it's warm. Served with bacon. I will prefer it chilled thou!

Bunny ordered the soba...

Sweet based, decent.

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