Thursday, April 21, 2016

Greyhound Cafe (Bangkok)

We actually cannot remember why we liked greyhound. Sorry, I meant it more of we can't recall what items we like from greyhound but we just remember we really like the food here.

And to be specific, it's the greyhound at Siam centre, not the one at Siam paragon. We remember because during our previous trip here, we tried to revisit greyhound on our last night and instead of heading back to the one at Siam centre, we visited the one at Siam paragon instead. The menu was different and we vividly remember how we were sort of already in a bad argument and the not yummy food didn't help! Haha

So anyway, we made it a point to revisit the Siam centre one. It is located at level 3 of Siam centre.

I'm actually quite excited to blog about this - I usually am when the food tastes so good! 

As we sat down, this table insert instantly called out to bunny....

Hoptails! There I was thinking it's another flavour of alcohol but it arrived after she ordered it, it was soooo good! And it's actually a mixture of beer and other stuff. A partnership between Greyhound and Heineken!

So the one she ordered is the iced tea with beer. The tea is earl gray tea with tea iced cubes and lime ice cube and lemon peel.

The earl gray tea taste wasn't strong but overall the tea blended very very well with the beer. The tinge of lime also worked very well in this concoction! 

I rarely will help myself to her alcoholic drink but I found myself doing it many times today! Plus, you can keep topping up the beer from the bottle they give u so the drink feels like it's never ending! 

Such creativity cheers me up!

And as I mentioned earlier, we initially couldn't recall what we liked here but once we flipped through the menu, we remembered it is this....

Omg! This is so good! It's the crab meat spaghetti! It's just like a crab bisque stock, thick flavourful crab bisque with spaghetti! The doneness of the spag was also just right! We so loved it! And I think we will be back again for this!

We also ordered another pasta, pesto with scallop...

This was also awesome! The pesto was fragrant! We loved it!

We loved both the pasta so much we couldn't decide which we liked better.  Both pasta had that punch! Bunny said this... " both pastas packed a punch that we got thoroughly knocked out! "

Ending off the meal is one of my fav dessert from greyhound...

It's a combination of coconut ice cream, coconut, chestnut and sago! 

Love it! Similar to red ruby but in blue!

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