Sunday, April 24, 2016

Roast (Bangkok)

There was a short queue of about 30 minutes but it's good that they gave out numbers so we could utilize the time to shop around Emquartier. 

I also really like their menu. Each item comes with a matching picture on the side! 

Bunny ordered a flat white ($100 baht) while I ordered a iced chocolate ($120 baht). 

Bunny commented that the coffee is a 8/10 because she likes the texture. 

My iced chocolate is decent.

The crab cake Benedict ($360 baht) was good! 

Very puny portions thou. In fact check out that Rosti. They might as well not add it in. Haha but it's good also Coz it leaves us stomach space for more food! 

The crab cake was done right. Right texture (way better than karmakamet yesterday) and I could taste the crab meat.

And check out the flowing poached egg...


We also ordered the ham hock & croquette ($320 baht)...

The bottom part is a pea purée, also a delight. The side of the croquette is crusted with almond flakes, yummy! But it also has a faint cheese taste. A strong tasting one which may get gerlard after awhile. 

We also ordered the croque Monsieur ($320 baht)

It was awesome! I won't say it has a great punch but it's definitely more than decent. It's pretty good! 

At the end, bunny also ordered a iced espresso latte ($120 baht)...

It's a very interesting drink! Espresso comes in the form of ice cubes and you add milk in ....

Beautiful display!

With such good quality food at such a price, whole meal was only $1600 baht. We are definitely coming back!

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