Monday, April 25, 2016

Singapore Airlines

During my flight to bkk, a flight attendant rolled her eyes at me when I asked for ice cube to my drinks. This was also highlighted to the leading steward who did bring the said stewardess over to apologise. But really, I feel that we take SQ flights for the service it is perceived to provide. Else, there is not much difference from a budget aircraft.

That said, the stewardess concerned is probably very new on board because she appeared flustered and at times frustrated. I can understand the anxiety of a new staff but really, don't take it out on passengers. I even saw her ask if a passenger can squeeze through the sides of the pushcart when she was serving meals. Just so she doesn't need to push the cart away and back. The aisle is already so narrow!

Today, during my flight back from bkk, I was experiencing food poisoning and I took medication which makes my mouth dry. Right after the flight took off, I asked for a glass of soda water with ice. The stewardess concerned said they will be serving food soon, whether I could wait. I told her I would prefer if I can have it now. She acceded to my request but this really set me thinking.

Is Sq on some cost cutting measure? I mean I know it's a short flight but really, from the time I asked for a drink till the time the meals were served, it's a good 30 mins (at least). Is it so hard to ask to get a drink first?

Also, each time the drinks are in small portions (which is fine) but when and if we ask for more, the stewardess makes us feel like it's so damn a hassle. Back to my case in point, we travel SQ for its reputable service? What service?

Last but not least, check out the meals we were served.

What I really Wana rant for today's meal is that the prawns in particular was nua. I really did used to look forward to inflight meals but not anymore.

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