Thursday, April 07, 2016


I know I have a $15 credit from Grain since last year that I haven't had the chance to utilize. With the hot weather and workload, it's the perfect opportunity to utilize for a lunch in.

Note: you can also get a $5 credit if you sign up through my code below!

So anyway, i found out how they function - there's typically 4 mains per week to choose from. Last week's one didn't appeal to me but this week's one looks ok! 

I ordered a salmon and pasta (around $12.90)

I actually quite like it. Salmon doneness was alright with pasta that was nicely flavoured with mayo like sauce (yet like not mayo). The greens is very yummy and goes very well with the pasta!

And I also had the beef stew (around $12.90)

The beef stew was also good. I mean, for a lunch in standard, the beef was soft and the flavour was rich. The veg was good too! Sweet carrots!

Overall, a swift but delicious lunch.

Delivery was a costly $9.50 though. So the whole meal came up to $30 odd but luckily I had the $15 off. 

Probably more worth it if colleagues order together and split the delivery cost.

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