Thursday, April 21, 2016

Audrey Cafe (Bangkok)

Audrey cafe was recommended to me by Bree for their milk tea crepe and I'm glad they have an outlet at Siam centre! Located at level 4!

In fact, to a certain extent, this is one of the food place in our food list this time round that I anticipate about the most!

Love the decor!

For drinks, we ordered a freeze and a coffee....

The blue freeze is called Audrey on my mind ($110 baht), said to be made up of pineapple juice but I seem to taste a bit of lychee too. Overall it's quite sweet but it's quite good. Add a bit of water on your own to mix it a bit to be less sweet will be good!

The coffee was Cafe Audrey ($145 baht). It quite pretty and taste pretty good. Pretty fragrant!

For starters, we had a say cheese ($130 baht) It's actually a mash Potato ball like thingy with Parmesan cheese on top.

 The side dip is like some cheddar sauce. It's pretty good!

We also ordered a crab soufflé served with lobster brandy sauce ($320 baht). This is how it was served ....

The soufflé was so tall! Below it was some crab meat in a mild crab bisque taste. The left side is concentrated lobster bisque. Very good! Very flavourful!

I will say the soufflé is very gimmicky, a bit like eating air. Haha 

But the bisque is really good! 

We also ordered the crispy pork cubes ($390 baht) which were recommended.

The inside of it was like pulled pork...

I wasn't impressed but bunny really liked it.

And of course, the Thai milk tea crepe ($110 baht)...

Maybe our expectations were too high or we already had some perception how it should be like, we were really impressed by this. The crepe had a flour taste and if we compared it to Malacca's Nadeje, we felt that Nadeje's one is better though w/o that sauce. 

Not saying that this one at Audrey is not good. Just that it fell short of its rave.

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