Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seng's Noodle Bar

Been seeing pictures of this place on social media so decided to give it a try!

Located along Amoy street! 

We had expected their wanton noodles to be their speciality but turns out they sell it separately. 

The noodles are at $1 per bowl. A very small puny portion but it is very good!

It is nicely seasoned and I will come back for the noodles for sure!

But aside from the noodles, the rest of the items were really just mediocre. Can eat but not super impressed.

There was pork belly...

Aburi pork belly...

The pork belly was rather thinly sliced and there wasn't much a charred flavour on the sides. Could have been better.

The roast pork belly...

The roast pork is missable. The skin while slightly crispy, wasn't that crispy resulting in it being a bit gluey. The meat was decent but not impressive.

The fried dumpling...

Comes with some slight chilli sauce which we didn't like. But very likely it's just us Coz we aren't chilli takers. Maybe u might like it might better than me!

The soup wanton...

Like the soup one much better. 

Also ordered a salted egg fried chicken wings to share...

Salted egg lovers might like it. I didn't very much fancy it actually. 

Overall, I think I will be back but just for the noodles.

Good to know they have a promotion with amex, 1 for 1 for cocktails!

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