Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Set lunch at the Bedrock. 3 course comprising of starter, mains and dessert at $55 (I think).

For starter, I went for the cured salmon cubes!

There's this thing about salmon in cubes that I adore. Haha. Taste wise, it's decent.

For the mains, I opted for the ribeye with mushrooms and changed it the mushrooms to the creamed spinach...

The ribeye was pretty good! Done medium rare and to be honest I think I prefer it to the tomahawk we had the last time! 

The creamed spinach was also good. If I compare it to lawrys, this is much better. 

In view of my sugar free diet, I opted out for the dessert. 

We did also order sides to share and of course must order the Mac and cheese!

I still declare, the Mac and cheese here is still the best I ever had! Their Mac and cheese rocks!!

The rest also ordered a sweet potato dish...

This is also pretty good, similar to the Mac and cheese!

Overall, a hearty lunch! I believe I will be back for lunch again pretty soon!

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