Saturday, April 02, 2016

Cajun King

Dinner at Cajun King - because they are closing down!

If you haven't heard, Cajun King is officially closing down by end of this month and because of an unfulfilled promise by Dice to ken, we all got a free treat!

My only prior visit to Cajun about 2-3 years back leaves me missing their calamari much. So upon my return, I very much wanted to order that! Sadly, they have since Duno when took the item off their menu. 

The service today was great. I must say the lady who served us was very informative and friendly.

For starters, we ordered the tater tots with some crayfish and cheese and hot sauce...

I really like tater tots in general. But I really dun like hot sauce. So I much avoided the top parts. Which is quite silly Coz the tater tots are so much cheaper on its own. Haha 

So we ordered 2 combo bags, in different sauces - the spicy and the garlic butter.

The spicy sauce...

Sorry for the bad photography! My girlfriend refused to let me pour it out. 

Well the bags included Alaskan crab, prawns, corn, mussels or clams with sausages. 

Overall the bags are not bad but if I were to compare, I much prefer dancing crab. For they use more of Sri Lanka crab that is fatter and I like their flavours better.

The sausages are not bad! I had the most of that since I was not in the get my hands dirty mood. Haha 


We had the normal fries and the sweet potato fries...

Not much of a fries or sweet potato fries person but bunny said it's pretty good.

And we also ordered a fried bun to dip the sauce in..

I think, Chinese restaurants fried man tou is much nicer! 

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