Monday, April 11, 2016


Been a long while since I visited Ember. In fact, I was greatly disappointed to know that Ember shut down. Was super happy to know they reopened.

Headed down for lunch to realise the lunch menu has changed. Also realised that the original chef is also not around any more - anyone who knows where chef Sebastian went, please do share the information! Very disappointed Coz I super miss the sea bass and the coconut pana cotta. Both super good!

Decided to still stay on to try the lunch here.

Opted for the 2 course set lunch at $29.90++.

Comes with choice of mains and starter.

The complimentary bread...

Served warm but took awhile to come. Cost $2 if you want another piece of it.

It's pretty good, has a bit of a (I think) sundried tomato taste.

Bel chose the caviar soup...

Which was ok.

I topped up a $5 for foie gras...

The foie gras was good. Decent size and topped with green apple slices and some peanut thingy.

For mains, bel had the duck confit...

The duck confit was awesome! The skin was crispy and the duck was tender. The duck leg was resting on a bed of mashed potato. Yummy!

And for my mains, I topped up a $10 for the beef...

The beef was awesome as well. It was tender and juicy with a good amount of fats. 

Portion is decent for most, a bit little for me esp since it didn't exactly come with starch, only mushrooms which were really good.

Overall, food is good, keeping up with the past Ember standards. But I guess u really miss the old menu. Again, those who know where chef Sebastian went, do let me know! 

Also, service was a little less than satisfactory. The old staffs were much more friendly and welcoming.

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