Friday, September 15, 2017

Sumo Bar Happy

I have been missing the big beef rib and ramen since before all the trips and bunny brought me here! 

They offer a free corn/wheat tea, avail cold or hot!

And of course the beef rib ramen is a must order! Aside from it being enormously instagram worthy, it's really good!

Beef rib ramen didn't disappoint as usual. Tender fall-off-the-bone meat with a rich broth and bouncy ramen. We requested for ramen to be less cooked!

What I really liked was how despite it appearing gimmicky, I actually liked all components of it! From the beef rib to the soup to the noodles!

Mini home-made luncheon meat and foie gras don. Luncheon meat wasn't spectacular. Tasted just like mashed meat in bunny's words. Bunny really liked the gravy topped on the rice though. 

Deep fried chicken skin was ok but too oily for bunny's preference. Maybe cuz she's never a fan of chicken skin to begin with? 

It was ok for me thou it didn't arrive like how I thought it would. I think the chef is quite creative in general thou (in a good way)....

Fried Sakura shrimp and corn kakiage style. Bunny liked cuz it's very tempura style. But it's like, just deep fried lo. 

We will be back for more beef ribs!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fat Lulu's

Bunny has missed me loads during my long absence over the past few trips and she said tonight we must have a date night!

And she decided we will have Fat Lulu's after many recommmendations by different friends.

Must say we are filled with anticipation after all the hype reviews by different friends!

Fat Lulu's took over Five & Dime for those who are familiar with River Valley....

I would say they occupy a cozy small space but good enough as it wasn't overly crowded.

We ordered the cauliflower to start! 

The fried curry cauliflower sauce is abit sour at first but after a few taste it is quite ok. Curry powder is not bad but we prefer it without. 


Liked that it's the bigger sized ones. Burnt asparagus charred areas are nice. Bearnaise sauce is not bad too but it wasn't skinned off well so a number of pieces had the skin still on.

Meat board....

Meat is generally quite tender but no punch. Bunny likes the sweet bakwa-like pork. We were surprised it's sambal pork coz it's no taste of Sambal at all. Only can taste the bak kwa like sweet sauce. 

Rib eye wagyu...

45 days dry aged wagyu ribeye. Recommended by staff to have this medium done cuz he mentioned it will be too beefy otherwise. He stronglyyyy recommended at least medium. But med made it abit dry and didn't feel beefy at all. Bunny feels $46 for 200gm is not expensive but I feel it's exp for such a tough meat!

Also, go for medium rare! No matter what the server says.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pancake House (Bangkok)

They have ruined me for other pancakes!

Ever since that day I can't get my head off the thick bouncy pancakes! It's like soufflé kind. 

The strawberry one was much better for me. I ordered this one because it's supposed to have Nutella but it turned out to be more like chocolate instead. 

This is definitely a must eat on my list of BKK places! So much so I had to come by for lunch before hearing back !

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coffee Beans by Dao (Bangkok)

After our appointment, we did a late lunch together! Risa brought me to the Coffee Beans by Dao!

Scallop and Prawn Caesar salad! 

Refreshing vermicelli salad, I like! Not overly spicy!

Kurobuta grilled pork...

I like how it's tender with some fatty parts! Yummy!

Coffee meringue...

Layer of meringue with cream, not overly sweet!

And my favourite cherry cheesecake!

The cherries above the cheesecake are so good!

Jamie Oliver (Bangkok)

Dinner with khun may at Jamie Oliver...

I did not have much of a good experience in Singapore but this thai one is much better.

Complimentary bread...

Fried squid with garlic mayo...

The fried squid is great! With a good texture and the garlic mayo is really good!

Crab meat and avocado with bruschetta ....

The pork sausage penne, where the penne has that bouncy texture that good pastas usually have!

And the pork chop! A big piece of pork chop which is tender and juicy with fats on the side!

Lovely meal!

Pancake Cafe (Bangkok)

Khun May introduced this cafe at Siam Paragon...

This is their fluff pancakes! Look at how thick it is!

And importantly, it was SOOOOOoooooo fluffy and bouncy and just super good! Not overly sweet too!

Super love it! It's now added to my long list of must visits in Thailand! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Thien Duong (Bangkok)

A nice lunch at Dusit Thani's Vietnamese restaurant!

These rice rolls, the skin is so thin and so soft!

Pomelo salad is very refreshing!

Fried spring roll has a unique thin skin, rather different from the typical spring roll.

The meat ball roll was really good! I love the meatballs!

The pho was in a tasty soup too!

Peak of the meal must be the dessert which is the banana fritters with ice cream! Super good!

The crust is thin and the banana is smashed. Served hot and goes so well with the ice cream!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Talad Neon (Bangkok)

Been hearing a bit abt the night markets and despite being a frequent bangkok visitor, to be honest I'm not a frequent night market visitor. Especially for this trip, everyday after work im dead exhausted. Over the weekends, I'd be thinking of the piling up work and never ending emails, the exploding  inbox! Haha

But nonetheless, I read that the talad neon is only avail thurs - Sunday so I dragged myself out. Also that it's quite near the hotel I'm staying. 

I am very much a pasar malam shopper! I love how I can get many knick knacks here (ya, waste money). 

But it's also a good place to get souvenirs!

And this place apparently has loads of food!

Even the maggots!

The salted BBQ food which I love!

Enormous durian!

Online seemed to say this pork bone soup to be really popular...

Not much meat! The soup is like the boat noodle soup, slightly sourish.

And I am so happy I found the siam centre street food stall! They shifted here! And they have damn huge cockles here!!!

It's huge! Hard to find in sg!!

And my favourite salt baked fish!

The stall owner was really nice, giving me old time price for the fish and helped with the opening of the cockles!

It was a nice break!