Sunday, April 10, 2016


Fellicia decided for shabu shabu so we had dinner at Akashabu!

But I'm not a sukiyaki soup base lover, I found the soup broth too sweet for my liking so I didn't really try the shabu shabu.

I went to indulge in the sashimi instead!

The mackerel and sweet shrimp are two of my favorites. The ones today are fresh and sweet. The mackerel in general is in fact slightly fatty. Very good!

I also had a chilled udon...

This is also good. Like the one at the sushi bar. But again I find the soya sauce a little sweet.

The aburi salmon...

Overall I like the sashimi they have here though I find their pricing a bit perplexed. The price for a tori karage is $16? Yet don is probably lesser.

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