Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jacks Place

Jacks place may have lost its Premium status like it sort of used to have maybe 20-25 years ago but they do still serve pretty good steak at reasonable prices. We were here for a quick lunch and the sets range from $15 plus to $20 odd. Reasonable taste which aligned with the price. Simple comfort food!

Portion was also very reasonable. I will be back when I want a quick steak fix!

Beauty in a pot

Close friends will know, one of my favourite steamboat these days is none other than beauty in a pot. I love their pork balls, their meat selection and their Mala pot is saltish and nice.

So I have basically been coming here whenever I want a steamboat fix. Service has also been generally good. 

But today it was quite infuriating.

In one of our vegetable order, we had one which came with the roots...

We feedback to the manager who said this to us " 哦和,这个拿掉它就可以了。可以吃的” 

Meaning to tell us, just remove it and actually this can be eaten.

Well, not saying it can't be eaten but clearly you don't expect to have veg with such roots in a restaurant right? Clearly it should be well processed and cleaned and this may be an episode of missing out - which is fine, which can be easily resolved by probably just doing a simple apology. But no, the male manager concerned just went on an on about how this can be eaten and just needs to be removed or if we really want he will just change for us. Not a single word of apology... He went on until I pu huay! Coz this is actually a dinner with bunny's friends who have never been to beauty in a pot. In fact it's a treat and we sort of highly recommended the place to them.

That's when I asked him, if this is how you serve your baby spinach how come I don't see a whole basket filled with such roots? Clearly we expected the veg to be processed and really to begin with, a simple SINCERE apology would have sufficed. We don't even need you to do a change. If you genuinely want to change it or do a service recovery, it should not be IF WE WANT. It should be IF YOU WANT. IF YOU BOTHER.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thai Airways

It's official. After today I hereby declare Thai airways serve much yummier food than SQ does. Service is also notably better. Which is very sad for me Coz I love SQ and I have from young felt that SQ is something that we Singaporeans should be proud of. But the few past episodes of encounters I had with SQ just made me really sad. Even when I made a feedback through their website, the response took more than 10 working days. :(

And I declined the offer of a voucher for their kris shop which is probably typically what they offer as a token for service recovery because I really hope that SQ realises that feedbacks are not just Coz gian Peng but Coz they really need to buck up n do better!

Anyway, today we were given 3 options instead of 2!

I took the chicken curry with rice...

It was pretty good! The chicken curry was tasty and the chicken was tender. And if you noticed above, the egg was still slight runny. I'm impressed!

And Kerry opted for the cream prawns with potatoes....

Check out the huge crunchy prawns!!

A few entries down you should see, the nua prawns I had from SQ during my flight back from Bangkok. It's like a heaven n earth comparison!

The cream prawns was coated with a layer of cheese, very yummy!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sabx2 Wanton Mee (Bangkok)

Kerry apparently hasn't tried this place before and she's been excited about the 猪脚饭 here!

And of Coz, the wanton mee!

Greased with pork lard and served with crab meat. The noodles are small in portion but oh so good! The wanton as well. Very yummy!

The pork leg rice...

Wonderfully seasoned pork and the sauce goes so well with rice. Love it! 

Greyhound Cafe (Bangkok)

It was a short stay at the hotel before we quickly headed out for dinner at grey hound! 

We went to the one at Siam centre and today I was given a seat at another area of the restaurant. The decor was much nicer here...

And the first thing I ordered was the hoptail!

Love their hoptail!

I don't drink as much these days but for me to miss this, it's really very good! The earl grey iced tea with lemon ice cubes and the bubbly Heineken! Which genius came up with this combination? So good! There wasn't much of earl grey taste in the tea but the lemon blended well with the beer and the tea.

The pesto scallop pasta...

Love the thick and flavourful pesto sauce. 

And the crab meat pasta in pink cream sauce...

It was so good that instead of sharing, Kerry went ahead to order another portion for her own!

Hui Miao also had a hoptail but she had the rosay...

Has a rather strong lemongrass taste which I didn't quite fancy.

We also shared a steak salad...

The beef was very tender and a good portion vs the greens.

We also shared a tons of crab meat fried rice....

Item came as illustrated as per the menu! Generous amount of crab meat! Eat till very Shiok!!! 

And for dessert, we shared a coconut sago with coconut ice cream thingy...

They all loved it as well! The mixture of the chestnut and coconut meat and ice cream is just so good!

Platinum food court (Bangkok)

I don't really know which stall they got this from but I am happy the girls ordered this! Coz it's got the pig blood!

The Maggi was yummy too - texture was just right. Soup was a little too sweet for my liking.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Siam Street food (Bangkok)

Located around where Siam square is, there's a stretch of street food stalls. The last time bunny and I came, we discovered this stall with very amazing minced port omelette. And since it was very near our massage at Siam Square, we frequently came by to pack supper. This time round, I brought the girls to have supper here:

Basil leave pork rice....

The basil leave pork is really good! Very tender Pork that goes so well with the rice! 

The omelette with minced pork was super good as well...

It's super fluffy! Like super. Damn good!

We also shared a Tom yam soup...

About 2 stalls down, there's another stall selling the BBQ fish. The stalls apparently have some bad blood so both don't allow cross ordering so we had to head over to the other stall to order. 

Despite this being my multiple visit, this is my first time trying this fish...

And omg, it's super good! The fish is very fresh! The BBQ was just with some salt so the au naturale taste of the fish is there. Will come back again!

Roast (Bangkok)

We started the day with brunch at Roast where Emquartier is....

Despite being a Sunday, the queue was manageable. Also, it's great that they went by a number system and they will call you when your table is ready. Such is good service and it allows patrons to better utilize their time while waiting. 

The first thing we were served was the warm toasted bread with salted butter...

Super good coming from a non bread lover. The bread goes very well with the salted smooth butter!

I had a crab cake Benedict...

Portion wasn't big but I quite like their crab cake. 

Su had a salmon Rosti...

Which was decent.

Kerry had a corn beef potato...

Which she pretty enjoyed it. 

Huimiao had a roast breakfast...

Which pretty much was like the full works and includes even a drink which she opted for a skinny iced latte...

Kerry's hot chocolate...

After You Cafe (Bangkok)

Needless to say, the honey toast is a must order!

N well received by the girls who are trying it today for the first time! They all agreed this is very good. The thick toast has salted butter over it and goes damn well with the vanilla ice cream. Simple comfort food added together for a wholesome dessert!

Also tried their bingsu...

Oh wow, it's also really good. Very fine shaved ice with fine milo and Horlicks over it. Very yummy and addictive to keep going!

We also tried one of their panne cotta...

Topped with Nutella. The panna cotta was decent but in terms of popularity, the toast and bingsu won more hearts!

Bake (Bangkok)

We were at Emquartier waiting for our turn to do brunch at Roast so we decided to also explore around the mall. Knowing that Bake had an outlet here, we decided to enjoy a piece of it each because contary to the Sg one, there's no Q here!

Ta da!

It's as good as the one in Sg! Who's keen?

Sweet Treats by Som (Bangkok)

As we were walking around the food hall on the same floor where Bake was located, we saw this!

Zoom in....

Yes! It's Thai tea lava croissant! We bought one to share too!

But turned out this needs to be microwaved so when we had it, it didn't have the ooze out effect...

But it was still rather good. Can tell if it was warmed up it must be damn good!

It is from this brand....