Friday, January 19, 2018


It was a very impromptu end of week treat from Bunny after a long week and cravings for Uni Uni Uni!

Fukusen very quickly came to mind because of its high quality of food, taste, location and great service!

On point! On point! 

Never fails! The Uni is a generous portion despite this bowl being Only $37! And the egg yolk thingy in the middle is also very good! The texture is thicker than a normal egg yolk, very nice! 

And I must say maybe its because it’s a small cozy restaurant, the service is also very cozy and good! I love this place!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tai Lei Loi Kei

The Da Li Lai encounter is a built up experience and not a deliberate one.

It all started with one random day, we were headed for a movie at Vivo. I passed by Da Li Lai and saw that they have pork chop bun. Decided to give it a try and I can still remember during my first bite into the bun amidst my movie, I decided that we need to revisit this place! The bun despite being the baguette style, was not hard. It was of a right texture (trust someone who doesn’t like to eat bread) and the pork chop was tender and in fact somewhat tender! I eagerly yet reluctantly shared it with Bunny. Eager to let her know how good this was and relunctant to share! Hahaha

And on another occasion when we visited Da Li Lai for the pork chop bun, we saw another person having their curry noodles. With one bun each, we were unsure if we should... we did anyway and the curry noodles became another MUST order over our next few visits / dabao!

And dennnn we brought friends who also ordered other things and den we discovered more n more yummy items e.g . 咖喱鸡丁饭,鱼片米粉汤,捞面,Portuguese cheese chicken rice...

There were more n more list of must eat on the list! The result was us visiting almost 4 times a week!

Yes that’s how much we loved the food! We rotated between their outlet at Vivo Vs Nex. We prefer Nex outlet for its menu (yes, slight diff in menu), the way the egg is done, the seats (bigger space). Service wise, both outlet had rather nice staffs. 

So yes I’m sharing our new found love with you! We also later realised this is actually a damn popular brand in Macau! 

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017


We finally got to try the brunch ala carte buffet at Osia Seafood Steak and Grill! We went back upon the recommendation by the manager Andy after the lovely dinner experience we had there and I must say it was well worth the $68/pax. It’s categorized into 4 categories on the menu, ‘sharing’, ‘snack’, ‘large’ and finally ‘dessert’

It started with ‘sharing’ plates of Semi-dried oven flatbread that came with a side of pistachio cream cheese dipper.

 It was a crowd pleaser and everyone loved it, especially the cream cheese. The combination worked very well together for all of us and we had like 3 servings of that alone. Hahaha

Every paying guest was entitled to 3 freshly shucked oysters 

(no, they’re not free-flow as we’d hoped for!) but nothing to complain about, good as expected!

 Followed by an individual serving each of Bircher Muesli which I guess is the only item I might’ve forgotten of the entire meal....


The Wagyu tenderloin that came next was pretty good, packed with flavor albeit being thinly sliced, almost carpaccio like. Unfortunately didn’t win the hearts of ken and B. Too beefy for them. They liked the fried crumbed mozzarella with tomato chutney though, without the chutney. Hahaha. That was an okay for me as the mozzarella seemed to lack in flavor. 

We were also given two servings of ox-tongue salad (was looking forward to bbq slices of ox tongue initially) and a kyuri cucumber and green apple salad.

 Both of which were the least appealing of the lot on the menu to us. Not that big on salad I guess. Lol. 

Next up were the ‘snacks’, the vine tomato soup was to die for as the combination of the tomato soup with the cheddar espuma was just awesome.

 Tangy, slightly acidic tomato with a hint of savory cheddar, it was so good I think we had a total of 20 servings! Hahahaha. Before u begin to wonder how we managed to finish it all, they’re actually served individually in shot glass look-alike serving glasses. So it really isn’t as much as you think it is la. Hahaha

And the item that bunny has been waiting for was finally served, Foie Gras! 

Their foie gras gives a unique bite as they coat it with Polenta before pan frying them and it’s served with their pineapple chutney which blends very well in flavor. Can’t recall how many refills bunny went for already. 

Chicken leg was juicy with the skin done just right and still crisp. 

Including the spring bay mussel with couscous and cauliflower. Plump and juicy mussels that weren’t over cooked and packed with juices. Great complement with the couscous. 

By now we were already quite full coz although serving time took awhile, we appeared “uncivilized” ordering many portions ahead, fearing for the buffet to end before we got to reorder! Haha but I must say the service folks have been very patient with us.

And then it was finally time for the Large plates (mains), caught a glance of some other table’s pork belly main dish and thought it looked pretty good so we went for that, and bunny wanted the poached hen’s eggs with iberico ham/bacon like thingy. 

Ken went for the pork belly as well and B had their big breakfast. Unfortunately the pork belly looked better than it tasted. Hahaha. Over-powering gamey taste and the pork skin was barely crisp. It was so bad that bunny barely touched it. And I finished up her hen’s egg breakfast unknowingly.....

 Hahahaha. Probably the best out of the 3 mains we ordered. Even the big breakfast was sort of underwhelming. 

Desserts were good though!

 Loved the dessert platter consisting of Chocolate soup, Passion Fruit mousse cake, Madeleines and a few other items but clearly we were hooked on the Chocolate soup with Vanilla ice cream. So good we had a few more servings after. Hahaha. Bunny really liked the Passion Fruit Mousse cake though and finished both on her own. Hahaha. 

Would say that for $68 per pax, it’s value for money and food overall was a thumbs up. Definitely a great recommend by the Manager!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Food Exchange at Novotel on Stevens

Spread is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


And so we were back to Morton’s for our 3rd year anniversary dinner. Unfortunately we weren’t entitled to their complimentary soufflé as we were celebrating our ‘dating’ anniversary and not a wedding anniversary. But I guess that wasn’t about to stop us from ordering it on our own. Haha

To start, we ordered the ‘Chilled’ seafood platter as opposed to the ‘Baked’ one, primarily because we were just craving so badly for the jumbo shrimp cocktails! We were left super impressed by it the last time we came here. The platter for 2 came with chunks of lobster, crabmeat, 2 oysters, 2 jumbo shrimp and Alaskan King crab legs. We concluded it’s somewhat value for money if you’re looking to try a little of everything, but definitely unable to satisfy our Jumbo Shrimp craving so we ended up ordering a separate ala carte order of it. Hahaha

For our mains, we both were sort of decided on the Prime Ribeye for myself and New York Strip for Bunny but was informed by the waitstaff of their serving size and was recommended to have one to share before ordering the next. 

So in an attempt to prevent over-ordering, we went ahead with the ribeye, along with three different side orders - Truffle mash Cauliflower, Cream Corn and Mashed potatoes. Hahahahaha. 

The Mashed Potatoes were really just Mashed potatoes, served with a generous amount of bacon topping, butter and sour cream. But $26 for the mash, not worth the calories and the price. 

The Truffle mashed Cauliflower was something refreshing amidst all the starchy options, pretty much the winner among the three we ordered. 

Cream Corn was ok too, less sweet as compared to Lawry’s but Bunny said she prefers the creamier texture of the one at Lawry’s better. 

We finished the ribeye very quickly, and decided that ok! We have room for a New York strip! Hahahaha. Glad that we ordered cuz we concluded that we both prefer the New York strip for that oomph of flavor which was lacking in the ribeye. 

Ended the meal off with the chocolate soufflé we had both been craving but somehow felt that the overall meal lacked the punch we had, to that of our last meal there. Food was good in general, just lacking the punch that we had from our previous visit. Figured our trusty Lawry’s would just do the trick to ease a steak craving. Haha.