Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nissin King Cupnoodle

Check this out! Oh I should have took this beside a normal cupnoodle to let you have a sense of how relatively bigger it is. But this is indeed much bigger!




Pretty good in taste! Even the shrimps are much bigger Than normal ones!

Got it from one of those Japanese concept shops in KL. Not cheap thou, worked out to about $6-$8 sgd.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A.A.S.S Seafood Soup

Apparently the previous An Shang seafood soup shifted to another location in bedok!



I always go for the bak chor and pomfret! 

Now located at:


Very yummy and flavourful seafood soup. Comfort food for sure!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Stateland has been on our list of to-visit for the longest time. Way before they renovated and way before they probably introduced the chicken rice risotto! 

Glad to finally get the chance to visit today!


Located along Bali Lane, same stretch as Blu Jaz, diagonal from Raffles Hospital. 

The chicken rice risotto is top on my list to try! 


This is a very interesting dish. It really does taste like a porridge version of chicken rice with the chilli sauce. The risotto does taste like mui fan to some extent. Risotto with a very oriental feel. 


Good to try but not something I will crave and want to come back for. 


The other risotto we went for is the beef cheeks one....



Thought the beef cheeks were braised but turned out to be braised yet fried. Overall it was ok, not bad.

We also had a mentaiko gyoza...


The gyoza has too little meat for my liking. Haha

But overall, Stateland will be a place I wouldn't mind revisiting. Food is decent while not over the tops but pricing is very reasonable! 

A mains/risotto is about $20 which includes a drink, any drink! Can even be a coffee! 


We also ordered the dessert which is a Mochi donut thingy....



The soft serve comes in flavours of cookie peanut or banana. The cookie peanut is very cinnamon-ish while the banana is very banana! Haha the texture looks smooth but tastes more like ice popsicle. It's a pity they only had these two flavours coz I didn't really fancy it, wish they had flavours like vanilla.

The mochi donut is good in terms of texture!

For salted egg lovers, they have his one that's really good!



The texture as well! Damn good! 

Again, wish they had regular vanilla soft serve! 

Service is great too! Opens till 10pm. Last order for food at 9pm, last order for desserts at 9.30pm!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rice & Fries

we celebrated Kaizhi's birthday at Rice & Fries!



very well done and flavourful! One of the better escargots around for sure!

Foie gras!


great portion and nicely pan fried!

Not on the menu: Tom Yam Pasta with chicken chop! Sorry, its super good tom yam pasta!


very flavourful and damn tasty! Best tom yam pasta around with tender chicken chop!

Pork chop with BBQ sauce....


the pork chop is bigger in portion now (plus point) but i don't really like the sauce as with other BBQ sauces.

and of course, a must order is the poached salmon! 


i love how their poached salmon is just right, the mashed potato is not instant. it has the potato bits and goes like amazing with the cream sauce!

Sunday, March 05, 2017


Was a nice catch up followed by desserts at this place called D'zerts.

It's for some pretty looking cakes and even the trending galaxy looking ones!


So pretty! 

And it tastes really good too!


Rich moose on the inside with some crunchy bottom. Some citrusy part on top. Yummy! Didn't quite expect it to taste so good! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

IHOP (Dubai)

So it appears that aside from The Cheesecake Factory, Dubai has brought in many other brands here, particularly American ones! One of the other brands that got us excited is IHOP!


Can be found in both Emirates Mall and The Dubai Mall but today I am visiting the Emirates Mall.


IHOP is a the abbreviation for International House of Pancakes. And needless to say, their speciality is pancakes and of coz, we had to order pancakes!


This is the half portion. The full portion would obviously look a lot better in pictures but there was no way we could finish it. The pancakes were great! Fluffy and soft! 

Also had the mains of an avocado chicken and cheese...


The chicken is breast meat but it's super duper bouncy and tender! Very yummy! The mashed potatoes are the type that I like, with potato bits inside, damn freaking good! 

Drink is a milk shake...


Also so darn good!

A must for revisit! 

Marks & Spencer Granola & Yoghurt (Dubai)

Not found in Sg Marks but found this in Dubai's one. It's so damn good, they weren't kidding when they said its extremely delicious!



Yoghurt melts with granola and raisin! 

Sweet and crunchy, super good!

Karak Tea from The Dubai Mall (Dubai)

As you walk out of the exit facing Marks and Spencer of the Dubai Mall, u will smell this tea scent. It's a very fragrant milk tea being sold at what seems like a mini mart....


It's called Karak chai, sold for aed 4, around $1.60 sgd.

It is so good!!


Located at level 5, a very very fragrant milk tea! They probably added some spices inside but it's spicy, just very fragrant milk tea that makes you keep wanting more!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Cheesecake Factory (Dubai)

Dubai is such a wonderful place! its very different from our initial perception.

Importantly, the shops are open till so late! Cheesecake factory opens till midnight and service is impeccable!

Went over for supper!

Loaded baked potato tots


this is pretty good! the inside is with bacon and cheese!

Mac and cheese balls.....

this is so good! the cheese and macaroni is all loaded inside the deep fried ball... 

we probably went a bit too far on the cheese tonight, went for a 4 cheese pasta.... 

for starters, i don't like penne. the 4 cheese was still not cheesy enough. In that the cheese taste isn't the strong tasting kind of cheese, felt more like the cheddar kind.

for dessert, tonight we chose the amores and it is sooooo good! the marshmallow was truly melted and the cake is moose like cheesecake.... 




Almakan (Dubai)

After a long day of meetings today, my local partners brought me out for dinner!

We were at this place called the Souk Madinath near Jumeirah. The place is beautiful!


We did drinks at Starbucks prior to dinner and it was Starbucks with a view! 

Dinner was at a restaurant next door where they brought me for Arabic food! 



Al fresco coz the weather was just too good! Like a chilling 19-20 degrees?

We were first served some crackers...


And they even ordered shisha for me!


Lol! Don't know if I did it right but the grape taste was good!

The restaurant even provided Arabic cloaks if you are feeling cold....

the cloaks totally converted our outfits to be so apt with the restaurant theme!

They ordered a eggplant dip to share.... 


this was sooooo good! great dip! the egg plant is smashed till like humus and the pomengrante center added a crunch. so good!

Vine leaves wrapped rice...

rather interesting dish! its a bit sour, probably due to some vinegar seasoning. the rice in the middle is soft, i quite like it!

Arabic salad... 


it was quite a spread!


a warm soup for the cold weather...

lentil soup!

chicken with some wrap like thingy... 


and mutton kebab...

i typically don't take mutton but theirs is so good!

great place with a very lovely view!