Friday, July 29, 2016

Langue De Chat

This is really quite nice! I can't say it's totally like 白色恋人 but it's that type of cookie and it's really pretty good! I wrongly bought the chocolate one previously which was still nice. Best thjng is, the inside is individually packed, great to keep in the office as a random snack when hungry or mouth itchy! 

Get it from your nearest 7-11 today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Drink (7-11)

Noticed this popping out on my social media recently and it's another craze!

Proudly brought to you by 7-11, sold out almost nation wide. Brought a lot of business to 7-11 coz I already hearsay a lot of people have been going 7-11 hopping just to get a bottle. Also hearsay the prices have been speculated to $15 a bottle online (Duno how true, hearsay only).

Said to cost only about $1 in Taiwan, charging at $2.80 here in Sg 7-11 and 抄到 $15!! Sounds like a must try! Esp since I'm a milk tea lover! I mean, it's so hard to resist Teh Peng! 

So anyway I was so lucky, through a contact of mine, I managed to get a couple of bottles! 

It's like wow finally got my hands on them!

Hehe sorry can Hao Lian a bit...

I tried the milk tea first...

While the milk tea was nice, to be honest I wasn't impressed. It was just a not bad Teh Peng. 

But then the latte, that was amazing! The latte was so fragrant, can smell it even before consuming. We couldn't help but compare it to Old Hen's cold brew (which we really really like). Which this is a much cheaper alternative and much more accessible one (not now, after the craze is over).

And u know the biscuits on the top picture, there's a langue de chat. The white chocolate one is so good! Go check it out at ur next nearest 7-11!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sin Hoi San

Headed down for supper with bunny and she was craving for rice and bitter gourd with egg so we went to Sin Hoi San...

bitter gourd fried with eggs....

which was pretty good and fulfilled her cravings.

the yue guang hor fun... 

also pretty good. it was wet. 

claypot tofu... 

the claypot tofu is very good. its soft and the sauce came with some saltish cube like fish. yummy!

the prawn paste chicken...

their prawn paste chicken was also pretty nice! Flavoursome enuff and the aunty was nice enough to help me request for no breast meat!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Mak's wanton noodles

Lunch after my course around the area. Mak's wanton noodles came over to SG probably awhile back and never got to come over till now...

Opted for the dry beef brisket noodle and a wanton soup on the side...

My verdict is it is pretty close to the Hk version. Noodle is springy and beef brisket was good. 

The wanton was decent. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Teppei's DIY chirashi bowl!

Where I can opt for more whelk, scallop and add avocado! This is so divine, it can become an addiction! 

Obsessed with this now! Avail at teppei ion!


Was over at ion for lunch and the queue for Bake Cheese tarts are as long as usual so I decided to try out those from Bread Society. There was no queue and there was a promo. $2.60 for one, buy five get one free!

It was actually pretty good! The crust was buttery enough, the cheese fillings were pretty good too. Best part was there was no queue! 

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Honolulu Cafe

Really no more queue. Told ya!

One of the shorter lived queues around. Service is really as authentic as a cha Chan ting is in Hong Kong (lousy).

Was in the area and seeing there was no queue, we wanted to try out the curry fish ball that wasn't available previously...

I quite like the curry fish ball though it is totally different from the real ones in Hong Kong. This one is really curry sauce with the localized fish ball. 

And I also tried this drink which they called it coke with salty lemon...

Wow I love it. The bottom part is like some sour plum mixture and when coke is added to it, awesome!

That same server who pretended not to see us did it again! So much so I flagged it out to the probable manager (the guy who is always at the door) again and he just gave me a very 无奈 and he has already tried to counsel her kind of explanation. 

Is it that hard to employ service staffs these days? Attitude was really bad! 

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Timbre +

The mum dropped some hints about seeing this place on fb awhile back and I have been meaning to visit here too so we finally found some time to head down together. We got here at like 4 ish, mad hot! 

Half the shops also look not opened...

But a pretty funky place, I can understand the draw but it's just too hot. And I don't know if it's the heat, even the stalls that are open, most of the stall keepers aren't all that keen to do business. I saw the servers at dancing crab sleeping and the ones at teppei I had to wave hard to get some attention although I was the only customer and there were like 3-4 of them seated around. Even when they came over, it's in a very lethargic mode. I guess it's the weather :(

Food anatomy was what drawer me to head down to timbre plus!

I saw some pictures and videos of their cubes of food and I had to try it! I actually   Wanted some spinach like thingy but they didn't have so we ordered what they had...

A very lovely presentation too!

Was overall ok. More interesting to look at than the taste. But will be keen to try more flavours next time - if it's not so hot!

Two wings salted egg fried chicken. Again another one where cashier seemed to be in a very bad mood (must be the weather, making everyone Pek chek).

The wings were really good though!

I am pretty off the salted egg yolk craze already. Everyone seems to be using it for everything but this is truly good! Right amount of the salted egg and the chicken was juicy.

From the teppei stall...

And from the Philippines stall where they serve BBQ food. One of the hints mama used to ask us to bring her here. She said Detchie wants to try the Philippines BBQ....

Which was ok. A little salty and Coz the food is left there for a long while, it doesn't seem fresh fresh.

Check out what my mum says in the video...

I honestly don't know if I will be back Coz it's just way too hot.