Saturday, April 21, 2018


Was craving for the Buddha jump over the wall but was told they have a new outlet at airport so decided to check it out!

It’s over at T4 foodcourt, good chance to visit t4 too!

The soup here is more expensive. The one at jurong is $7.50 whilst this is $11. But price isn’t the issue. It’s the thickness and flavor. The soup at jurong is like 5x thicker than the one here. Disappointing.

The olive rice was really good thou!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


it was an impromptu decision to head over to TWG after realizing where we want to go was already closed for the day...

The lobster salad is as good as usual!

Chunky lobster meat above a bed of avocado.

The cod fish dish I liked is replaced and done in another way...

While the server said that most people prefer this new way, I prefer the former way it was done!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Goji Kitchen & Bar (Bangkok)

The spread is damn good! No wonder it’s khun peung’s favourite!

Bread from Chinatown (Bangkok)

So after buying some local snacks to bring back home at Chinatown, I couldn’t help notice a small crowd nearby.

And from noticing, I found myself doing the very Singaporean thing -  joining the Q. 

Which coincidentally in one of my group chats today, someone shared the following joke:

Have a laugh 

A plane did an emergency landing on the water. The stewardess wanna let the passengers slide down to the lifeboats but the passengers refused.

The stewardess seek help from the captain The very knowledgeable captain said..

'You tell the Americans this is an ADVENTURE.
Tell the British this is an HONOUR,
Tell the French this is ROMANTIC,
Tell the Germans this is the LAW.
Tell the Japanese this is an ORDER, and all shall be sorted out.'

The stewardess asked awkwardly,
then how about the CHINESE?'

The captain laughed.

'Easy, just tell them it is FREE.'

The stewardess suddenly recalled.
'There are a few SINGAPOREANS!'
The captain patiently explained,
'You need not tell SINGAPOREANS anything, they will follow wherever there is a “Queue.'

So anyway, it merely said “Bread”

I don’t event know if there’s a shop name. But ok!

I tried to follow what the others did. There were pieces of paper where u can apparently write your orders on them and put them in a basket. 

So I did. I actually didn’t even know if the part where I wrote my name June is supposed to be for my name but yeah I submitted and waited, hoping that they know how to read my name.

After waiting for awhile, I eventually figured out that oh, they might have been reading the number on the slip! But I can’t recall my number and even if I did, I would onto 85 in thai! 

Luckily amongst sieving through the slips they found my paper and I think I got a fast track coz the lady just wanted to finish my order and pass it to me.

My box of bread....

Duno who is the ah gong ah ma on the box, probably the founders?

The most interesting of the flavors must be the chilli but I didn’t order.

I would say the butter sugar one was nice. The rest was ok, not sure why the long Q.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

ATM tea (Bangkok)

At the recommendation of one of my distributor, I tried this ATM bubble tea place nearby my hotel!

Hmm not bad! The sweet potato drink has this mild sweet potato taste! It’s a hot day in bkk!