Saturday, April 08, 2017

Seven Friday (Jakarta)

Today managed to head over to one of their better malls for dinner. Was surprised to see Seven Friday as a cafe so decided to give it a try!

The seven Friday cafe....






Iced lychee tea!


Yums! Lychee tea seems to be really popular around here.

Beef cheeks bowl...,



This is super yummy! The beef was tender and the sauce was amazing! Love the fact that the sauce is saltish and flavourful!

Mac and cheek....



The mac and cheese was good though the cheek was not impressive.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Say Chuzu Hokkaido Cheese Toast (Bangkok)

One of the booths for one of their food fair at the basement of siam paragon....


Toasted bread with melted cheese!


Looks legit!


Look at that pull! They have it in 3 flavours. Original, charcoal cheese and chocolate. I opted for the original....


Indeed very cheesy. Not bad except the cheese wasn't savory enough for my liking. The toast was great but if only the cheese was a little more savoury and flavourful!

But overall still worth a try!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Mondo (Bangkok)

It was a very quick lunch at Mondo, located at Hilton hotel bangkok. 


The roast pork was so good!

Crackling skin with juicy tender meat!



Omg so good! 

Thank u khun Peung for lunch!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Greyhound (Bangkok)

When in Bangkok, dinner at Greyhound is a must! 

The most exciting thing is, HOPTAILS ARE BACK!! Wooo hoo!!


In a couple of my past bangkok Greyhound entries, you would have seen me raving about this! The mixture of heineken and their iced tea is simply divine! Makes me wanting more! 

So glad they are back!

Also tried the plum version this time....


My favorite is still the iced tea version....



Pomelo salad....


Refreshing and good!

Tonnes of crabmeat fried rice! This is the Greyhound standard! The SG Greyhound needs to improve! 



And yes I love their fried rice and the generous amount of crab meat!

Likewise for their crab meat in pink cream sauce pasta....


Everyone whom we recommend to Greyhound to try this loves this! And mr Caron Ong, manager of SG Greyhound, please open ur eyes big big and see! This item is still available and have been for the past years I have visited. In fact I don't know where u did your internship so please stop doubting or finding excuses. It's fine if you guys didn't intend to bring this item into Sg but it's not fine when you try to find a million n one excuses when enquired about it or try to doubt me that I don't know my Greyhound ! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why Not? (Chiang Mai)


What an interesting name! 

Was told they have the best pizza in Chiang mai but the funny thing is none of us ordered pizza! Haha

My starter was burata...


Which was not as rich so wasn't much to my liking. But the cherry tomatoes were so sweet!

My mains was Gorgonzola cheese penne and I requested to add sausage (I need my meat)which the chef reluctantly agreed (haha)...


It was so good! Both the pasta and the Italian sausage! 

Will be back for the pizza!

Organic Coffee Bus (Chiang Mai)

Lunch was at this farm to table concept cafe...



We shared a fruit salad...


Which was not bad.

My mains.....


The sauce was a little too sweet for my liking. The greens were really fresh and was surprised there was even the butterfly pea flower in the greens! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Kitchen (Chiang Mai)

My first meal in Chiang Mai, randomly chanced upon this place located near Le Méridien Chiang Mai. 

Mainly coz it's air conditioned, Chiang Mai is too warm! 



Pork basil rice!


The bear shaped rice was quite a surprise! So cute!

The pork basil was not bad but the best I had was still the food street along siam square previously. 

Minced pork omelette...


Too little minced pork, too oily.

Chicken wings...


Very yummy! Very fragrant and juicy! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nissin King Cupnoodle

Check this out! Oh I should have took this beside a normal cupnoodle to let you have a sense of how relatively bigger it is. But this is indeed much bigger!




Pretty good in taste! Even the shrimps are much bigger Than normal ones!

Got it from one of those Japanese concept shops in KL. Not cheap thou, worked out to about $6-$8 sgd.