Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Char Casual Dining

It was a sudden recommendation by a colleague during our meeting and before we knew it, we came over for lunch!

Located along Jalan besar, they are apparently popular for their fatty char Siew and roast pork!

Because it's a last minute arrangement, I didn't have the chance to grab my camera. So photos from this entry are taken using my iphone6.

The signature char Siew...

It's the canton paradise kind of char Siew! 

Thick, sweet and fatty!

If u ask me, this is better than canton's though. It tastes much softer despite it being fatty.

We also had the roast pork...

Which was also pretty good! 

There were a few other dishes which were not bad but because it was sort of like a work lunch, I didn't take much pictures!

But a nice place worth coming back again!

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