Saturday, April 23, 2016

Karmakamet Diner (Bangkok)

I started seeing a lot of the rainbow cotton candy item from here on social media and it felt like we have to check it out.

We actually booked the place for brunch but I had an episode of food poisoning this afternoon so we end up changing it to dinner.

Heard lots of reviews of how it's quite hard to locate the place so we read a few blogs and checked with a couple of our friends who have been here. Basically, from the exterior of Emporium, walk towards Emporium Suites...

Continue walking down and in about 2-3 mins u will be able to see the signboard. 

Walk towards the signboard and turn in, you are there in another 2-3 mins!

The entrance of the place...

And the interior, it's beautiful. Very rustic and looks like some old English scientist lab at some points...

We were informed the brunch menu is not all day. So we ordered from the dinner menu. Pretty expensive menu btw.

A French onion soup is about $490 baht (almost S$20!).

We had wanted to order more but held back due to the pricing. The ambience and all was excellent thou! Beautiful place and service was good too.

The complimentary butter with warm bread...

We ordered a crab cake, a foie gras pasta and a beef cheek.

The crab cake was meh. The texture was very flour-y and couldn't very much taste the crab meat. 

In fact, the texture felt very Nua.

The foie gras pasta ($890 baht) came next.

It looks simple but it's so good! The shell shaped paste was nicely done, not over cooked. The flavour was amazing. There was foie gras, truffle and cheese. Good for those who like strong flavours. It was awesome! We loved it.

Next up was the slow braised beef cheeks ($1390 baht)...

Quite pricey but the portion was huge. Taste was excellent! Texture was also very bouncy and soft. Very yummy!

And of course, we had to also order the cotton candy thingy. It's called strawberry in the clouds ($390 baht) and it was as pretty as what I saw on social media!

But really that was it. Haha Instagram worthy and all but doesn't taste good at all. 

Inside all the fluff was some strawberry, strawberry ice cream, cookie, none of which taste good at all. Haha 

Overall the place is definitely worth a visit for its ambience and all. The food was also really good but damn pricey for bkk standards. Not sure if I will revisit thou.

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