Sunday, April 17, 2016

Darling Harbour Restaurant

What was supposed to be a simple supper meal turned out to be a seafood feast of sorts along Geylang lorong 6. Apparently a newly start up restaurant with the Taiwanese celebrity Xu Nai Lin as a shareholder...

Not sure why they state to be Aussie style Coz all the dishes were just very local and very Chinese.

We opted for a $98++ 2 pax set. Includes a veg, a fish, a herbal prawn and a roast meat sampler. 

Overall, the items were pretty alright. Pricing was also alright for the portion and the items.

But our backside itchy, the lady boss offered us a promotion for the lobster so we took it. $48 for a lobster instead of the usual $98. $58 if it's for a slightly bigger one.

We took two!

One cooked in salt and pepper...

Another in sashimi...

I have actually been dying to try lobster sashimi, finally got to try it today. I like the texture. The sweetness from the fresh lobster was good. 

Not exactly sure if we really got a good price but the food was overall decent.

A little heart pain to spend so much for a random late dinner thou! Haha

But happy with the company of good friends!

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