Thursday, April 21, 2016

Singapore Airlines

Today's inflight meal was option of chicken with noodles or bbq pork with potato.

Starters was pasta salad with ham. 


The chicken with noodles turned out to be hor fun like noodles. Chicken was breast meat, semi salted. A rather oriental taste of the fish sauce taste. 

Not what I will define as nice nice but can eat la.

The bbq pork when cutting it, felt super tough but taste actually quite ok. The texture was slightly bouncy so was pretty good.

Dessert was a caramel pudding like item in a pretty shell shape. Bunny really liked it.

Overall the meal was can eat but nowhere near the past SQ standards.

Additionally, the stewardess who served us actually rolled her eyes at us when we asked for ice cubes to go with our drinks.

What kind of standards have SQ got to?

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