Friday, April 08, 2016

Foodpanda voucher codes with ShopBack

With my current office located at a can't-say-ulu but definitely-not-much-options place, i am officially already very sick of the food at the market nearby. Plus, its a short walk and weather in SG these days don't help.

Delivery becomes my next best friend. Usually the easiest option will be Mac but that gets damn boring damn quickly too. So Food Panda obviously becomes the next top on my list. So when i got invited to review the site and also know about how to get Food Panda voucher codes, i was quite excited and eager to know what it is about.

So apparently, ShopBack allows you to register and earn cashback (or more commonly known as cash rebates) off your expenditure with their participating merchants - which means getting to enjoy FoodPanda discounts! That's not all, you can also find all the best dining deals at ShopBack too! Food panda being one of them! 

I immediately registered myself and the exciting thing is, not only is FoodPanda on it, many of the other online shops i patronise are also on it!

I found that i can get savings with RedMart coupons if i decide to buy ingredients to cook dishes myself to add to my #juneoesquekitchen list... or i can make Bunny cook for me!

Frequent dining out is definitely taxing on the pockets so i do also get coupons time to time from Groupon or deals! So it was great that ShopBack links Groupon as a merchant which means I can enjoy cashback with the many Groupon deals!

If you are the kind who enjoys travelling, you can go on a culinary journey with the best travel deals and offers as well!

The above are just to name a few. 

There are also shopping ones like ASOS, shop bop, zalora!

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