Monday, April 04, 2016

Keisuke Kani King

Gyoza ya at Robinsons was not open hence we headed over to Cineleisure where our movie was.

Noticed there was a crab stock ramen place at level one so we decided to try it out (even thou I just had ramen of another broth from this joint yday). 

Like its every other joint, they offer this seasoned bean sprouts as a starter (free flow!) and I love it! It's yummy!

And the menu for ramen shops of this joint is typically simple and easy. There's a main broth and different outlets are typically the same. Some outlets do have cross broths too. For this one, being Kani King, it's crab broth!

Bunny and my mum had the clear soup...

The clear soup broth was not bad. A nice crab flavour.

My helper being an egg lover, went for this...

As for me, I went for the thick broth...

Which is in comparison a lot more flavorful than the clear broth. 

What I like about this joint is they always allow options to the flavour of the soup (light, normal or strong) and texture of noodles to be soft, normal or hard. I like mine very hard actually!

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