Friday, April 05, 2013

Marmalade Pantry

today suddenly everyone was not avail for lunch. either out for meetings or had lunch appts. i lonely chicken. texted fairy god friend and we arranged to meet for lunch. Fairy god friend said we'll eat at Ion. i was randomly naming him the places we can go when he suddenly said.. " let's go marmalade pantry, eat your favourite salad and cupcake "

and i was like Whooopie!!

totally forgot about Marmalade Pantry. hahaha Fairy god friend, u so naiseeeee!! 

and yes, i had my chicken caesar salad!!   

i love their chicken breast. it just goes so well with the caesar sauce and its tender. i also like that they give generous portions of avocado too!

and actually i was also torn about trying the warm spinach salad and the beetroot salad, i tried to ask him to share another with me but he refused but end up ordering a braised pork belly instead...

the pork belly was seasoned with some kind of spice. but i didnt really like it.

he also ordered a crab meat linguine...

decent. i like the pine nuts they added but i think i would prefer it if its aglio olio style.

and yes we also shared a Elvis cupcake!!

chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frostings! *YUMS*

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