Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant (Sydney)

joey whipped out his iphone to locate a good chinese restaurant that serves lobster noodles. they were raving about this lobster noodle they had when they were in perth or melbourne i think.
and we landed up at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant....

and here comes the star!

the lobster was HUGE and FRESH and SUPER YUMMY! each piece is a chunky piece! super super super good! the noodles were mighty tasty and totally absorbed the lobster taste. the noodles were thick but very Q. Superb!

this dish wasn't cheap though. it was around AUD$180. really expensive but we will still order it again coz its really amazing.

i took a picture and watsapp to mummy, mummy replied to say she 流口水. hahaha

we also shared a beef slice...

the beef was really tender and good but not amazing.

we couldnt help but order the vegetables coz we saw how green it was when a neighbouring patron had ordered it...

it was really good!

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