Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I was actually just here for lunch yesterday but the cream sauce dory was really good that I want to be back again today!

Cucina is one of the restaurants within Aperia mall. Italian concept of sorts. Ala carte food is not cheap but with promo it's quite ok. Like set lunch is avail at $12.90++.

If u order the pasta set lunch it's even cheaper at $8.90++.

They also have a one for one for any pasta/pizza/mains. The lower value one is free.

So anyway, of course I had to order what I came back for!

For some reason, today's one didn't taste as good. It was still ok but the cream was too watery today. Flavour wasn't as strong also. Just when I thought I found a potential regular lunch joint, it has failed me!

And because the portion was quite small, it was barely enough to fill me. So we also ordered a duck confit to share...

The duck confit wasn't very nice. Sauce was pour onto the skin resulting in the skin not being crispy. In fact, even if there was no sauce I believe the skin was also not very crispy. The meat of the duck also didn't feel tender or juicy. Basically not an item I will order again. Esp since it's very pricey @ $32. Not worth it if there's no one for one.

 And since there's a one for one, bunny chose the seafood pasta

The pasta was decent.

I guess I will still be back but more for the set lunches!

Service wise, they are pretty ok. Can feel everyone there is trying to make the business work as the mall can get petty quiet.

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