Monday, March 14, 2016

Muji Cafe

Am I the only swa gu one who doesn't know that there's a muji cafe at paragon?

Discovered it today when I was shopping for sneakers!

Always been keen in the different packets of instant food and sauces that muji offers. Of course, also their biscuits and all. They used to have a maple cream biscuit which I think has been discontinued locally too. 

So anyways, they don't much variety. Basically only have precooked food which they call deli, kept in their fridge like place. Basically machiam like a jap version of chap cai peng! 

There was a promo going on whereby you can get 4 hot deli + 4 cold deli at $28.80. 

Our choice of 4 hot deli...

The pork ribs are their bak kut teh, quite interesting while on display! Taste wise, it's quite sweet but really has some bak kut Teh taste. But overall not something I will order again.

The other item covered in veg is the Saba fish which is just decent.

The orangey item is some sweet chicken thingy which is breast meat.

Our cold deli...

Overall, the cold deli tasted much nicer than the hot ones. The tomato with mozzarella cheese is good, especially the pesto sauce! 

The salads are also pretty good.

Forgot to take pictures of the drinks but their green tea macha is good!

The only other food item on their menu is the Japanese curry chicken rice...

The jap curry taste better than it looks. Seriously, surprisingly quite good!

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