Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rice House

Noticed this place when driving around my place and was drawn by their antique looking signboard....

There's actually a Chinese one but its beside a deity figurine and the owner informed we are not to take pictures. The Chinese words wrote 粥大王!

After finally dropping by to check out this place recently, we realised this is a vegetarian joint! The gf has made a conscious decision to go vegetarian every 初一十五 so I'm trying my best to comply too. Hence, it was a no brainer that dinner was to be settled here.

An aunt who is a regular vegetarian gave rather positive feedback about the food here so that also encouraged us.

We ordered the duck porridge that my aunt recommended

The duck porridge is pretty good! Really does quite taste like duck. 

Bunny had the curry chicken rice..

This was ok only.

We also shared a fish slice soup...

The fish slice soup is pretty good. I wouldn't say it tastes like fish but it's flavour is nice. 

We also had some mock luncheon meat and duck to share...

The mock luncheon meat really tasted quite like luncheon meat!

Things here aren't expensive, not air conditioned though. 

Overall a decent vegetarian joint. Believe we will be back!

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