Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Located along desker road!

I chose this place for mummy's birthday celebration because mr and Mrs lil bee raved to me about this place (and they are seldom wrong). And in view that it's fusion Asian food, I thought maybe my parents will appreciate it better than western food.

I went there filled with anticipation but I was actually quite disappointed.

Firstly, food didn't taste as good as I hoped it would be - though there is slight level of creativity. 

Secondly, they screwed up on serving the cake with a candle - even though they did try to make up for it by wishing my mum but the element of surprise was just spoilt. I am quite annoyed when establishments screw this up coz these are things that u sort of can't undo.

Anyhow, food!

For the starters, we ordered their watermelon and feta cheese ($15)

The watermelon and the feta cheese did not establish any form of connection or teamwork in my view. When I ate it, the feta cheese kept dropping off so I basically felt that I was eating watermelon  and feta cheese seperately. Both are pleasant but just no punch and no idea what's the draw of serving it together.

Next starter we had was the duck salad ($17)...

This was pretty good. All of us agreed that this was the best dish for the night. There was a good amount of duck and they had a very nice tangy sauce with it.

And for sharing, we had a few items.

Kong bak pau ($22)

The pork belly was very thinly cut so lacked that textured goodness of how a Kong bak pau should feel like. But more importantly, the taste wasn't there. It was ok but nothing wow-ing. Meat was a little dry.

The prawn and pork buah keluah on prata ($15)

This was not bad, creative in that sense.

Another sharing dish was the spicy vongole with hua Tiao ($18)

This was also not bad, flavour some enough!

We also ordered a pork burger ($23) to share 

This was a miss. The pork burger wasn't good. The patty was just meh.

For mains, I ordered the miso cod ($32)

Price very steep for its portion. Didn't quite taste the miso. The cucumber was nicely peeled but pretty much just cucumber.

My dad ordered the rendang lamb shank ($30)

Portion was good but the lamb smell was too strong. So strong that my mum seated beside him could smell it too and lost her appetite. My dad naturally did not finish it.

My mom ordered the cod and vongole chowder ($30)

It was really just chowder soup with 2 pieces of cod fish. I find it way too over priced. But I did like how it taste. Really like a creamy clam chowder. 

Bunny ordered the prawn pasta ($24)

One of the more reasonably priced item and one of the better mains. In fact popular with everyone. Good aglio olio like taste.

For Detchie, she wanted noodles so she had the ah gong ah ma thingy ($22)

Comes with la mien and fried chicken. The fried chicken was not bad. The la mien was ok too. Mum chose to eat this in the end. Haha. 

But for mum to eat like a la mien for her birthday, I feel quite bad. But still, it's a $22 la mien -.-

And coz dad barely could eat the lamb, ordered another dish for him. 

Babi pongteh ($22)

The Babi pongteh was not bad. The pork was not bad, quite juicy. 

And for desserts, I heard the durian cake was good and runs out fast so I pre-reserved. 

N yeah, this was when they missed out on my pre requested candles. 

But yes, the durian cake was really good. It received thumbs up from everyone!

Aside from the durian cake, we also ordered the orh nee cake which was also really good.

The cakes will be what draws me back again.

Overall, some hits and misses, quite pricey for its range and type of food. Has good amount of creativity. 

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