Monday, March 07, 2016

Legendary Hong Kong Cafe

When told about this place by a friend, I knew I had to embark on this journey to the west!

Coz they had nothing but super affirmative raves about this place. Like this is THE BEST Hk cafe place in Sg - with the best milk tea, with the best Por luo bao and the best zha Liang with prawn inside.

Having done some research online, I read about their duck too. 

With all that, I gathered my team. Just like tang Sen, I brought my 3 disciples on my journey to the west! Coz this place is apparently located within Jurong point with no other outlets!

What I didn't know was, this place is actually like a street in Jurong point! Located at level 3, this place is called Mongkok. And upon arrival, it really felt like we were teleported over to Hong Kong (with a ntuc and popular book store operating there)!

Place was filled with the Hong Kong symbolic neon lighted signboards!

Oh they sell mahjong here!!

Found the place!

Check this out! This is the no. Of ducks they had at 7.30 pm. We probably took ownership for half a duck but by 10pm as we were leaving, no more ducks left!

The whole interior was really very Hk cha chan ting feel, totally adds to our desire to indulge!

We were so excited we ordered and ordered and ordered! 

Just like in journey to the west, tang Sen and ba Jie has been summoned by the demons. Only wu Kong and Sha Seng remains sane but can't help but let us indulge!

Hur hur hur!

First up, drinks!

There was the legendary milk tea, yuan yang and red bean ice. A good start! All was pretty good! 

Shrimp dumpling noodles

Duck with special request to be without sauce...

The duck was not bad. It's also the London fat duck style. Not extraordinary but good enough.

And because 2 of us wanted the big unchopped drumstick, we ordered a double combo rice. The pork belly was also quite good!

We also had the chicken

Chicken is nice but probably not something I will order again coz it's not special special.

The Por luo bao was great! It was heated and has a good standard!

We all loved it!

Scrambled egg with prawns

Also really good. I liked it. Scrambled and a generous amount of prawns!

Xo radish cake

Also commonly seen on other food blogs. But I didn't think much of it.

This is zha Liang with prawns is also why we are here...

This is rather good in my view!

And the original zha Liang 

Pork collagen noodle

Mediocre in my view 

Nissin noodles with egg and sausage brings out the true cha chan ting feel

Toast which was not as fluffy as we hoped. Just ok

Overall some hits and slight misses but still a good place to visit! 

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