Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tony Roma's

I have been craving for their baked potato soup for quite a while! And since we were around the area, decided to do dinner here. Turned out to be a great decision as this is one of those very satisfying dinner!

For one, service was excellent! Right down to the young little server girl who looked like she was just temp-ing there. When asked about her comments between the ribeye and New York steak, she actually gave me her opinion and recommendation. Not a "oh depends on ur preference " kinda diplomatic yet not helpful answer. She actually could tell me how the New York strip's fats is at the side whereas the ribeye one is all over and she prefers the New York striploin! 

And the manager who was helpful in checking whether I am still a Friend of Tony Roma's! Haha

So yeah, the baked potato soup!

I like it for the chunks of potato they have inside topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and spring onion! The overall taste is good! Comfort food!

For mains, we ordered the New York striploin as per the server's recommendation! 

It was a good around 340g of steak and like the server said, fats was all evenly on one side. It was thick which made it a good mouthful. Even the fatty part was good! Meat was lean yet juicy. I like it!

Also, after serving the steak, the server will patiently wait and prompt you to check if the doneness is right. That's good service for u!

Steak mains also came with choice of 2 sides and for this we chose the coleslaw and the mashed potato.

The coleslaw was so so, slightly sour and  had a mustard-ish taste.

The mashed potato was awesome! Yummy! Using almost the same stuff as the soup - cheddar, bacon, spring onion!

The other mains, we had a combo of rib with the ribeye steak...

The pork rib was so so. Tender but not super tender. The rib eye steak was much thinner than the New York striploin but it was much juicier and flavorful. I love both the steak!

Sides was the rice and the baked potato. 

Baked potato was nice and again same items as the mashed and the soup but with addition of sour cream. Also very nice! I guess I just like this combo!

The rice is so good! It tastes like chicken rice, very yummy!

We will be back for sure! 

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