Monday, March 21, 2016


Firstly, I want to thank amex again for the wonderful promo and offer they have again. I must say, their promos are always very wu Hua! Also, their customer service always impress! I got to know about this promotion when I called in to their customer service line and the service officer found a chance to bring up  this promotion to me. They even emailed me the promotion details:

Basically its a tie up with creative eateries restaurants. On Mondays and Tuesday's, not limited to the no. Of pax, there is a 40% off food. Well, it was only when we got there that we realised drinks were not included but it's ok coz still wu Hua.

I chose Barossa as I saw they seemed to serve pretty decent steak. It is dad's birthday and I believe he enjoys a good steak too.

When we got there, I was quite disappointed that this place has no indoor seats at all - as in no air con! N weather these days are sooooo hot!! But since we were here, decided to continue with dinner. Thought we could quickly finish eating and all but sadly, service was  lacking here.

Actually, we should have known - for a place running a promotion of 40% discount yet having only like 2-3 tables, tells a lot.

For starters, it was hard to get attention of the servers (yes, despite only having maybe 2-3 tables of patrons). 

Next, after we ordered, the server came back to us and told us that the chicken spatchcock we ordered was not available. 3 of us ordered that so we changed our orders. The changed orders arrived but the original order (items that were available), did not come even after a long time - to be specific, 40 minutes. This was so much so that those whose orders came had already long finished eating! 

We actually asked to check on the items after about 30 mins and were told they are preparing. But by 40 mins, when i walked over to the side where I saw the open kitchen, I saw they only just took the steak out of the fridge.

Turns out when they cancelled the initial order, they cancelled the whole first order or something or kitchen did not see the other items of the first order hence this blunder. But what was infuriating was that when we checked about it at around 30 mins, they actually told us they were preparing it but they were actually not -.-

But in all fairness, they did try to do some form of service recovery. The server offered all of us a round of ice cream as a gesture of service recovery. They also offered us some vouchers for a return visit.

We ordered a margarita pizza to share...

Thin crust, decent pizza.

Truffle fries to share...

A little too dry. 

Fish and chips....

Fish n chips was pretty good! Good portion and I think the fish is actually pretty good.

Baked salmon 

Salmon was done just right, pink in the middle and not overdone. Nice!

Huiying ordered the bleu cheese steak burger after seeing this on some social media...

I was excited to try it too but the steak here turned out to be quite dry. 

My dad ordered a rib eye sampler which came with 3 types of steak! 

This one was good! And it was worth it! Each piece was an average of about 150g? And it was good in terms of price, taste and portion! This will be what makes me want to return here again.

The wagyu one in particular is good. Very beefy and yummy.

Also, I like that they separated the sauce. A good steak, to me, is when it is nicely seasoned with just salt and pepper and the rest will be just the beef au naturale taste! They provided some sea salt for further taste which was good in my view!

I ordered the pork rack

It was a 7 out of 10 in my view. It probably wasn't super tender but tender enough. I didn't like the sauce spread over it but overall I'm pleased with the texture of the pork. 

We also ordered a platter of prime rib to share...

It was pretty good! Again, for the price, I have zero complains, only thumbs up. The steak was again nicely marinated and the charred sides were on point! Love it!

Detchie ordered a prawn aglio olio which came last and didn't try...

Overall I will say the food is actually quite decent. The service was not so ideal, the venue is too hot but I may be back when I want a fix of steak that's not over priced.

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