Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Nude Seafood

It's not very often I meet establishments that make me feel that they do things with a heart. But Nude Seafood is one of them. Having the opportunity to speak with one of the owners over lunch has warmed not only my Tum Tum but also my heart. He cares and does his business with such passion that I feel the warmth in their food.

To begin with, they have rather interesting drinks. I had a lemon soda-ish drink...

I'm sorry I didn't manage to capture the really interesting part of it. It's actually on the cap. But I shan't ruin the surprise for u, go check it out!

For mains, we had the duo which consisted of salmon, red snapper and quinoa.

There was a lot of interest put in to ensure the salmon was done to the right doneness and I believe I mentioned a few times before, a lot of places overdo their salmon. I love a place that knows how to get their salmon right! 

The quinoa with some miso-ish sauce was also really good.

Sharing another mains was the pork chop!

The Pork chop is superb! 

A good pork chop is of course, tender!

A lot of pork chops tend to run to become too dry but theirs was good! And u can tell its quality meat. I love it!

What's interesting is also the creamy looking sauce on the side. It looks like mashed potato but it's actually more like a melted cheese texture. It is actually a smoked potato purée like thingy. Very interesting and goes very well with the pork.

Sides for this pork is some purple sweet potato...

And for after meal drink, my hot chocolate is SO CUTE!!

Monkey!! Super cute! 

And they had some pretty amazing desserts. I'm sorry I gobbled them up and forgot to take pictures!

The Hokkaido cheesecake was like snaffles.

The green tea cake was light.

The some raisin and rum like dessert was just crazy awesome! I'm still missing it now!! I love it!!! Can't wait to head back for more!

The passion for the business was influential. Coz I felt it not just from the owner but also from their staffs in general. Such establishments are very worth supporting! 

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