Monday, March 14, 2016

The Tiramisu Hero

Been seeing this sir Antonios mascot figurine on social media, finally had the chance to visit The Tiramisu Hero today! 

My chance to take picture with the 'mask'!

Ok, probably too cutesy for a 'hero'!

Another pose!

Yeah! That looks more like a hero pose!

The place was packed with loads of Japanese! Almost more Japanese than Singaporeans!

Before the meal, we each ordered a drink. I had a hot honey milk....

Served in a very cute mug, the honey milk was quite nice. Slightly sweet warm milk. Nice!

Squiddy and myself ordered a hero platter each, it came with a choice of starter, choice of pizza (mini size), choice of mains (mini size) and choice of side. Basically more like a sampling kind of platter.

We both pretty much had the same things except for our choice of mains. 

This is how the set looks like...

It's cute (to me) that they indicate our names on a tag, calling my set my hero platter!

I was initially quite worried I wouldn't be full but it proved to be ok. I was still craving for more though coz my mains was so good! The platter was priced alright at $16.90.

We both chose the mushroom soup

Which I felt was not bad. In fact I felt it was quite nice but Squiddy didn't like it, she felt that it was sour-ish.

The pizza was like a puff which we both chose Hawaiian ...

The puff was nice! The fillings weren't superb but I like the puff. Goes very well with the soup too!

For mains, Squiddy had the curry rice while I had the swatty breakfast 

Squiddy's curry baked rice....

Which wasn't very good.

My swatty breakfast

My swatty breakfast is very good! It's mashed potato below topped with a runny egg, tomato and cheese! 

Soooo good! 

Side was potato puff which was more like a hash brown.

Actually before coming over, I read some reviews of the place on fb, many 1 star 2 stars, I was a little worried but overall I enjoyed my meal.

We were wondering whether to order the tiramisu or not. Coming here and not ordering tiramisu where tiramisu is meant to be the hero is funny. But Squiddy tried it before and said it wasn't good so we didn't want to risk a miss. In the end, we ordered anyway...

Verdict is, the tiramisu is not hero here. Haha it was quite dry. 

Overall, I really like the swatty breakfast. Will be back for it!

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