Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Sushi Bar

So I just finished doing my nails and we walked past the sushi bar to find that there was no queue! That was a clear sign that dinner should be here.

And to be honest, with lesser crowd, service tonight was significantly better. In fact, I will even say it is great!

And to start off, they are having some kind of a promotion:

Cheap till Siao please! $3 for salmon sashimi in THICK cut! Damn wu Hua!

I end up ordering 7 portions from the original 2 portions!

Just look at how thick the pieces are!

And there was this other $3 salmon collar

Also damn wu Hua! And quite meaty too!

Bunny ordered the maki

Which was good. I mean, there's mentaiko and aburi salmon, what's there not to be good?

We also shared the chilled udon

This thin version of udon is somehow just very springy, very yummy. The shoyu that came with it was a little too sweet for my liking but bunny likes it!

And of coz, can't miss out on our favourite dish, pidan tofu!

And I had a rather decent negitoro Don!


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