Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lok Kee

It was a belated birthday treat for Winnie and knowing that she's into Chinese food lately, Lok Kee came to mind Coz of some of their very interesting and creative dishes.

We ordered mostly the interesting items. Like the flaming pineapple beef!

The beef cube was tender but sadly despite the flaming, the beef was not hot. It was probably just slightly warm. 

Next was the chicken nest thingy...

It's actually fried chicken in ma la style. Dry Mala style. Very good! But not sure why it's also not hot. I'm usually not into Mala but it's Mala after taste in the mouth is quite Shiok. What's interesting about this dish is the egg yolk like thingy on side. It's actually mango purée, coated with some gelatin. Also very yummy and refreshing to have after the Mala!

We also ordered their fat London duck!

It was not as crispy today but overall still good. 

Shared a xo crab meat fried rice ...

Which was decent.

Fermented bean roast pork belly bun...

Funny couldn't really taste the fermented bean thou. The sauce was more like a sweetish sauce. It was decent but not something I will order again. 

The salted egg fish skin was really good!

It was crispy and tasty!

For desserts, we had the bacon ice cream... Yes, bacon ice cream !

It's interesting and the ice cream did have a saltish bacon taste. Served in a bread bowl.

We also ordered the custard buns that were shaped to look like mushrooms

Again, very interesting but taste wise was mediocre. Can eat. Haha

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