Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Bunny came down to pick me up for lunch today. We headed over to Antoinette to check out the talk of the town - salted egg crossiant! 

Bunny's coffee that looks elegant and smells awesome!

For mains, bunny ordered the mushroom risotto which was very yummy!

It was flavorful and tasty with a generous amount of Parmesan and a crispy pieces of ham. We both loved it!

I had a beef ragout pasta and they acceded to my request of changing it to pappardelle!

It was also awesome! The pappardelle texture was exactly how I love pappardelle to be. It's thin and hence springy! The beef ragout was not bad as well topped with a good amount of Parmesan cheese.

And the star for today, the salted egg croissant!

I think amongst the many places selling this salted egg crossiant here in Sg, Antoneitte (based on a recent Facebook trending article) seems to be ranked quite high. I quite liked it. The salted egg wasn't as flow-y but I think it's pretty good. Reminds me somehow of mooncakes.

Bunny said it was nice but fell short of her expectations. She expected it a bit more savory. We ta bao-ed one for ken and she had the same comments as bunny, they both found it too custard-ish. I think it's pretty good!

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