Saturday, March 12, 2016

Common Man Coffee Roasters

It's one of the rare days where the girlfriend is not working on a weekend and I wasn't as lazy and we decided we must pull ourselves out of the house to do brunch.

Having said that, we gave very serious considerations which brunch joint we should go since its relatively rare for us! After much deliberation, we decided on common man because I recall I very much enjoyed my brunch with little bee here previously and we seem to tend to head back to symmetry all the time (though symmetry almost never disappoints for brunch).

So there we were, arrived at common man around noon. 

There wasn't a queue but the place was packed.

Seats are placed very close together with very small tables to maximize seating capacity.

Bunny ordered the full breakfast...

It was overall nice. What I liked most will be the baked beans coz it's not those canned ones. Not saying the canned ones aren't nice but you know it makes you feel you are paying for quality food. And I think they did actually do a good job of the beans. It was quite tasty!

The bacon is good for those who like it crispy. I prefer the type of bacon along the likes of the one from the Populus. The scrambled egg was not bad and the sausage was ok too. 

We topped up for add on of avocado and  spinach

For myself, I had the croque monsieur...

It was pretty nice except portion was small.

Overall the food is pretty ok but just felt like it lacked a punch. The gf saw me looking a little dissatisfied, she said to me, "next time, let's just go symmetry " hahaha

The gf's latte...

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