Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Curious Palatte

It was an impromptu decision to do dinner at Curious Palatte as it was right below minds cafe at Prinsep street...

The interior was lovely. It had that semi industrial kind of feel plus the very tiong bahru area kind of cafe feel... (If u know what I mean)

Service was good. The server who served us was polite and helpful with the recommendations. 

We had spam fries...

Which was effectively just fried luncheon meat. Haha

The mushroom risotto Coz bunny is vegetarian today...

The risotto was very good. Very flavourful and rich. The way I like it. There was also sun dried tomato and Parmesan chips. Good combi!

I had the foie gras and chorizo pasta...

While the pasta sauce did not incorporate the chorizo and foie gras (basically it was just cream sauce) but overall I liked it.

We also had an iced chocolate which was good!

They are overall not bad! We will be back!

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