Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jewel Cafe - Deliveroo

I recently received a msg from Grab informing that they are giving me $8 off Deliveroo as part of some loyalty programme so gave me the perfect excuse to order another delivery for lunch!

Seriously, delivery services are so wonderful especially for people like me! But they are so expensive (especially for big eaters like me... Heh)

Anyways, so I was browsing and deciding on what to order today and I came across jewel cafe. Great that their delivery will only take 25 mins since my next meeting starts in another 1.5 hours time at my time of order. It also allowed me to do some work while having lunch at the comfort of my desk.

So anyways, yes, Jewel cafe. Alexis has previously told me about Jewel cafe and how I think for Tuesday's they have some 1 for 1 pasta and I think I vaguely recall she said their pasta was good. So I ordered a soup, a pasta and a side of fried pork cubes!

Within around 30 mins, my lunch arrived very timely...

And the delivery person was polite, wishing me a good lunch. Good service is always a plus point for me!

My lunch for today!

The pork cubes thou a bit of a dark brown was still pretty tender. I quite like it thou will prefer if it was not as cooked.

The carbonate was not bad. Not as creamy but yet surprisingly not bad.

The soup was good. I will order it again!

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