Monday, May 16, 2016

Honolulu Cafe Singapore

To be perfectly honest, I haven't heard of Honolulu until all that hype and craze I read about on a few food blog recently.

So apparently it's quite a popular Hong Kong cafe, particularly good for their egg tart and milk tea. Feels like a must go kinda feeling. Also sounds like a be-prepared-to-q kinda place.

But was lucky, bunny did the q-ing and by the time I arrived after the appointment, I just had to order. 

Located at level 1 of Centrepoint where the former marks and Spencer was - by the way, Centrepoint seems to be really going through some kind of a revamp. Quite excited to see what other new places they will have here.

The q was also rather manageable. Probably a 30-40 mins wait according to bunny.

And of course a must order is the egg tart. Limited to 3 egg tart per person.

The egg tart is of a reasonable size. It is good and yes the tart was flaky and all. But hmm not worth the q. I'm very happy with just the tong Heng egg tart.

And this point, I must say that the egg tart was the best part of the meal. The rest of the items are not worth ordering/trying.  A number of things were not available like the red bean cake and supposedly also nice curry fish balls. So I may probably give this place another chance to try those items. The pricing is also very reasonable for a cafe in town.

But the service is horrible. A lady server obviously saw us but kept trying to avoid eye contact and pretended not to see us. When we bo Bian had to call out to her '小姐' instead of keep trying to wave, she saw us, nodded her head and awkwardly told us to wait but never came back. 

Also, in case you think it's Coz the place is packed hence she's busy, to be honest the seating capacity of the cafe is very small. So it's not like it's packed packed. Also, even if it's so that's no way to avoid patrons.

The lady boss happened to be around and we requested to speak to the lady boss but the person who attended to us was the manager instead. The one who took our orders in the front counter. Ok, at least he was nice and apologized. Also tried to do service recovery by offering us a 10% off. 

Winnie and bunny joked to say " I think they are trying to be very authentic here. Even the service also must be like Hong Kong kind " hahahaa that's indeed true!

Next highly anticipated item is the Por luo bao...

We were so excited we ordered 3. One each! But this was not good. The butter was probably unsalted, it was not fragrant. The essential part of a Por luo bao is the top crust which was really just mediocre. Legendary Hk cafe and taizi at Toa payoh has a very much more awesome version of it. 

The milk tea and yuan yang ...

The milk tea was pretty alright but with a slight sour after taste. 

The scrambled egg...

Slightly bouncy in texture, can eat but no wow.

Swiss sauce chicken wings...

Hmmm. Can eat but again no wow. Killed my fantasy of many years having watched Hk drama and see them eat Swiss sauce wings, look like very nice from the tv shows but 不过如此。

Also, Duno why other food bloggers ones the wings all pieced out so nicely, mine is served like one piak like that in a bowl. 

Luncheon meat Maggi Mee...

I think I cook one is nicer.

Pork chop baked rice and curry pork chop rice...

The rice for the baked rice, many parts uncooked. Even the capsicum and red pepper was barely cooked as can be observed from the pictures....

The pork chop was very tender thou! So that was good. Taste wise was passable for the curry but not so much for the baked rice.

Overall, I don't think the other two will return again. I am willing to head back to try the items I've not tried and give them a second chance!

Also, we foresee the queues to shorten very soon. 

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LiquidShaDow said...

Yes, the TPY bolo bun is quite nice!