Monday, May 16, 2016


My mind couldn't get over the thick cut sashimi at Hakumai so since we were in the area, Hakumai it was it!

I think the staffs there probably will remember me as the big eater Coz I end up ordering a chirashi set in the end again! But it's quite Sian that despite opting out the truffle chawanmushi, the soup and the edamame, they only offered to replace all of it with a single piece of tamago. So ngiao one.

Anyway, ya, since I was so craving for their sashimi, I went straight for the sashimi gozen!

The sushi on the top not included!

It basically included soba (hot one), rice, truffle chawanmushi, tempura, watermelon and sashimi. Their watermelon is very sweet and juicy! I like!

Tempura was decent...

Sashimi was thick but not enuff !

Soba was hot, wish it was cold instead.

Their sushi and sashimi are so damn expensive. Easily easily $12-$16 for the sushi. Sashimi is around $18 to $48 odd. Hence the chirashi was more wu Hua to order for the variety of fish at $39.

And the end of meal chirashi...

I think I should order the chirashi next time instead! More wu Hua and better variety of sashimi compared to the sashimi gozen.

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