Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tanuki Raw

And since the delivery Tanuki yday wasn't fantastic, I told myself I should eat it fresh and warm from the kitchen. Also Coz I had appointment around the area, I caught up with Vinz for a quick lunch there.

She too agreed that she has seen their dons all over social media! 

She ordered a salmon don and I had the same foie gras truffle don...

I don't know if my don is as attractive as those u see on other people's social media. But I felt that my don definitely didn't taste like I thot it should after seeing it on other people's social media!

It really does look better than it taste. The rice was quite hard. People pieces were few. Really just more of a Instagram worthy pic than a yummy dish. Not that it's bad, just no wow factor. The rice was also a little boring for my liking. Haha

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