Sunday, May 15, 2016


Despite being a big time foodie, this is my first year at Savour. This is because while I'm a food fan, I'm not a big fan of our SG weather. How I wish they can have these events fully air conditioned! Haha

But I must say, we were truly blessed today. In fact, I saw a couple of negative reviews about Savour on social media and I was a little skeptical about whether to attend or not. Am glad I did!

The weather was very kind. It wasn't hot. It looked like it was going to rain but it didn't rain.

We got a table almost immediately after we got there and there wasn't that much of a crowd.

So what I got to understand was that we can buy food from every stall. The items generally range from $6 to $12 to $24? If you opt for combos it's supposedly cheaper. Portions are generally small thou. 

My favourite from the food items has to be this foie-ffles! 

It is, truly foie-LAU-eh! 

The top ice cream like thingy is a foie gras paste/butter like thingy to spread over the waffles. The waffle was nicely done with cone inside. The whole combination was unique and yummy!

This is from the Artichoke cafe. Together from this stall was the artichoke fried chicken...

It was pretty good. The rest loved it. I found the skin too strong in taste for my liking.

They also had a jelly cup...

It was lemon or lime sobert on the side. Bottom is watermelon in rose syrup and some jelly that looks like ai Yu. The combination was good especially since it wasn't overly sweet. The lemon went very well with the syrup. Very refreshing drink!

Needless to say, Artichoke got most of our votes! We were given some rubber balls for us to cast our votes for our favourite chefs!

I was sad to know that this year they didn't have molecular items. Or rather, they only had it for some VIPs or something. I am quite eager to try molecular food!

Anyway the next item I liked best was the ravioli! It is from Gattopardo! It was so good I had like 3 of it on my own!

The skin of the ravioli was thin hence texture was bouncy. The inside was a mouthful of crab meat with prawns and all, topped with truffle! Yummy!

Below are some other items we had but didn't make much of an impression...

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